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Visa regime of Serbia - Travel to Serbia, visa requirements

Visa regime of Serbia - Travel to Serbia, visa requirements

NO PASSPORTS REQUIRED FOR EU NATIONALS - you are welcome as a visitor to Serbia even with an ID card!

Before travelling to the Republic of Serbia, please check here whether you require a visa.

General entry requirements for Serbia

1. Passport/travel document valid for no less than 90 days from the date of entry;

2. Valid visa stamp in the passport - should a Serbian visa be required for passport holders of the respective country;

3. Proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia. These are considered to be 50 Euros per day of stay, validated by presentation of the appropriate cash amount, bank statement, travellers' cheques, credit cards and/or a letter of sponsorship;

4. Certificate of innoculation or a note that a visitor has not contracted a contagious disease despite arriving from an area affected by a pandemic - as defined by the relevant Ministry of Health statement.

5. If underage children are visiting with one of their parents, it is necessary to present a certified letter of endorsment by the other parent; if the child is travelling with a third person such endorsement is required from both parents or guardian/s;

6. It is highly recommended to obtain travle insurance for the period of stay in Serbia, thus covering possible medical costs totaling not less than 20,000 Euros.

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- Visa regime for entering serbia (official info on web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia)

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For complete list of all countries who do, and don't, need visas to enter Serbia, please visit this page.

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