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Impressions about Serbia

Impressions about Serbia

The Greats About Serbia and Serbs - It's easy to talk good about yourself but still, it is better when you deserve that someone else talks good about you, especially when those are great people from all over the world who were initiators of world ideas and innovators who have run development of the mankind.

 Some of these giants, such as Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milankovic, Mileva Einstein-Maric or Miomir Vukobratovic, who were born on this territory often explained their clever spirit by conditions in which they are raised.

There are countries that, sometimes, are keeping their secrets from passenger for days and don’t show him nothing but its outside ... And then suddenly throw him the key and say to go everywhere he wishes and see what ever he can. Such country is this. - Rebecca West wrote about Serbia in the travel-book “Black Lamb and Gray Falcon“.
"Branches have let new roots and if they will be allowed to develop they’ll grow courageously as one of the first king flowers of Europe“, wrote Hans Christian Anderson in the book “Poets market” after traveling through Serbia.

Nikolai Rimsky-Korzakov composes "Serbian fantasy" in 1867.

In eighties in the 19th century Peter Ilic Tchaikovsky inspired by "Serbian fantasy" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korzakov, composes "Serb-Russian march" as a contribution to Serbian-Turkish war. In the same war as a volunteer goes Russian officer Rajevsky, who was a roll model for Tolstoy for Vronsky character in the novel Anna Karenina.

Friedrich Nietzsche at the end of 19 century composes "Serbian march!"

Many scientists would agree that Nikola Tesla invented-21 century.

Niels Bohr once said: Teslas genial inventions has deeply affected on our entire civilization.

Many biographers of Mark Tvejn are claiming that his latest novel "Mysterious stranger" is dedicated to Nikola Tesla, who was his friend and inspiration from childhood.

John Stachel, founder and editor of Einstein collection of manuscripts, claims that Mileva Marić-Einstein was more than mathematician and tallyman and said she has actively participated in setting theory of relativity, perhaps even set it!

Bill Gates said about Mihailo Pupin: "Information revolution in the United States is unthinkable without the discovery of Michael Pupin who was the founder of NAC, the forerunner of the U.S. space agency known under the name of NASA“.

Ichiro Kato, the founder of Japanese Robotics says for professor Miomir Vukobratovic that his work had very big influence on the basis of Robotics in Japan. Even the Honda engineers admitted that the basis for developing their, for now the most developed humanoid robot are set on the great work of Miomir Vukobratović, a professor on Mihajlo Pupin Institute in Belgrade and the maker of, "point zero moment" method in robotics, which allowed walking for humanoid robots.


Journalists about Serbia


From the travel pages

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Tourists about Serbia

Date: Wed, June 10, 2009

Re: The Sounds Of Balkan Tour
I did have a great time in Serbia and I want to thank you for all your help and advice and pleasant company. I enjoyed the overall feeling of experiencing  a country that I actually travelled for the first time (as you will recall,I had only been briefly to Belgrade and Novi Sad before) and that's why  I was very much interested in (music,food,language, religion,history).
If you want me to name some highlights I would recall,amongst others,the lunch in the peaceful and panoramic surroundings of the Djerdap Gorge ,the surprising fortress of Smederevo, the Zica monastry , the (monastry ) area of the Ovcar-Kablar gorge, the scenery between Cacak and Zlatibor and the lively atmosphere of Belgrade. And I may not forget ,of course,all these dinners in great atmosphere (Skadarlija, the boats, Novi Sad, Nis....) .

The Balkanika DVD I enjoyed most (because they regularly focus on the various instruments it becomes easier to closely follow the music). And thanks for the link to Djurdjevdan (my favourite) !

Best regards,
Francis Delwiche, Belgium

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had like to give you my impressions about my journey ''Sounds of Balkan''.  I came without prejudice and left your country as a friend. Now I'm more conscious of you very important cultural history. Your people is proud, friendly and independent and your Orthodox religion gathers people. I was very surprised to hear that you can leave your bags in a car because it seems that there aren't thives.  It gives you a great impression of security.

The itinerary of ''Sounds of Balkan'' is polyvalent: from flat areas to tops of mountains covered with snow, from streams to rivers. I appreciated the evenings I spent in restaurants, enjoying a meal while listening music and watching cultural shows.

I'll came back to your country and you can be sure that I'll advise all my friends to go to Serbia.
Thank you and I hope will meet again!

Ignace Verlinge, Belgium

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



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