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Show kitchen – Grill party

Show kitchen – Grill party Show kitchen – Grill party

Our chefs cook the goulash in the kettle or bake barbecue in an oven, on an open fire in front of the guests. The guests are received by the chef, who greets them with a drink and tells stories about his cooking experiences.

The guests can help themselves and choose from the roast meat and a choice from the salad bar. During the meal it is possible, that our dancers amuse the guests with traditional folklore programme. At the end of the performance the guests can take part in a game with our dancers and the guests and the dancers can dance together.

Our recommendation for activity during the day while waiting for the dinner:

• The guests can ride in horse - drawn carriages

• Finding needles in the hay stack
We hide needles in a large hay stack. Guest should find as many needles as they can within a given period of time. Everybody takes part in the game.

• Pushing the wheelbarrow
One participant sits in the wheelbarrow and another pushes it there and back on the t rack. The team members take turns. There are several pairs competing and the fastest wins the race. Every team member takes part but if the teams are large, there will be about 10 participants per team.

• Race sack - The first team member puts on a sack and jumps to the end of the track.

• Archery – with leading of a world champion

We offer everyone a possibility to try ancestral weapons. We provide bows, arrows, targets and instructors.

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