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Outdoor competition - paintball

Outdoor competition - paintball Outdoor competition - paintball

The first realistic outdoor war game that causes no pain and has zero negative influence on the environment. This is an ideal possibility to play war games for such people who up till now could only play in front of their computer.

The games could also take place in protected areas or on a larger field between houses. The game can be accomplished in nearly every environment in absolute security without any protecting outfit. The weapons work in a similar way as TV remote controls within the known spectrum of infrared light and for the human eyes absolutely harmless.

Two or more teams can play the war games simultaneously. The different game types provide endless possibilities. The game master (in case of scenario games) can create teams with different number of participants, which also can be varied during the game. Within a team the players can become a different status, which can influence the functions of the used equipments (to be programmed). Examples of such functions are: VIP person, terrorist, bodyguard or sniper. This extreme game will take you to the army of color and adrenalin, targeting an enemy with a goal to capture the flag. If you want to shoot your friend, colleague or maybe manager, do that on a little painless way, but without deadly epilogue.

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