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The Best One Day Excursions from Belgrade

The Best One Day Excursions from Belgrade

Sure, you need to see Belgrade, get immersed in its crowds, relax in cafés, experience the nightlife… Just don’t forget that there is so much more to Serbia than just its capital. An hour’s drive out of the city and you will find yourself in totally different surroundings, with wetlands, central European culture and architecture in the north, mountains, castles and Byzantine churches in the south and Roman finds (almost) everywhere. Sipping wine feels so much different when it’s done at places where it’s made as well as does dining with views over the hills and fields.


1. The Iron Gates Gorge

If we tell you that behind this resounding name stands Europe’s largest gorge cut by Europe’s second largest river, that in itself should be enough for you not to miss it. Yet there is more than nature here, first and foremost - layers of fascinating history. To top it all, it is less than two hours drive from Belgrade to the fabulously picturesque Golubac Castle guarding the entry of the gorge. Behind it lie the two millennia old Tabula Traiana, the mysterious 9000 years old Lepenski Vir archeological site, and a local Mt Rushmore – the colossal head of King Decebalus. Most of this you will see on a leisurely boat ride, a treat of its own kind. A definite must.





2. Down and Around Danube

In case you have already visited the Iron Gates it might be the right time to focus on the Danube between Belgrade and the gorge. The nature here is admittedly not so spectacular but that is more than made up for by abundance of historical sights. First there is the huge 15th century castle of Smederevo, the last capital of medieval Serbia, right on the Danube. Not far away is the archeological site of Viminacium, once a huge Roman town and now buried underneath flowery fields. Next to Ram, with yet another medieval castle, locals and tourists alike cross the Danube on an old ferry to reach the other bank and the Labudovo Okno wetlands. On the way back to Belgrade one encounters the fascinating nature of Deliblatska Peščara sands, a cherry on top of an outing perfect in its diversity.

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