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Guaranteed Departure Tours

Guaranteed Departure Tours

Guaranteed Departure Tours are tours that you can book knowing with certainty that they will not be canceled. However, there is a minimum limit for the number of passengers. Sometimes it is only 2 pax/persons, and for some tours it is more, so make sure to read carefully details for each specific tour. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


One day excursions

Sail with us down the largest and most beautiful gorge of Europe. Discover the power of the Danube at its widest and deepest, see the famed Tabula Traiana, head of Decebalus and the Lepenski Vir archeological site.
Join us and discover the most important highlights of Vojvodina -famous castles and salaš/farms.
Visit the breath - taking Oplenac mausoleum church with its mosaics, learn about Serbian history in the local museum, and enjoy your lunch in the historic Orasac village.
In a single day you will visit two fortresses on the Danube, discover what the Roman town of Viminacium looked like, relax on the banks of Lake Srebrno Jezero and see the wilderness of Deliblatska pescara sands.
On this tour you'll get to know Serbia's northern province. We will see its three different faces - a medieval monastery, a baroque small town, and its charming metropolis. This will be followed by a dinner that reveals Vojvodina's diverse heritage.

Two days excursions 

On this varied two-day toue you will see ethno - themed villages, the famous Ottoman bridge, an Ortodox monastery, ride on the prettiest narrow gauge railway in Serbia, sail down the river Drina and a top of it all - visit a cave . This is the best selling two days tour in Serbia!

Multi day tours

Serbia in a nutshell - 8 days tour, 988 €

A fascinating touring experience over 8 full days which includes unspoilt countryside, scenic railways, an array of cultural and historical monuments, vibrant cities and meals featuring organic food & great wines. Find out for yourself why "Lonely Planet" called Serbia one of "Europe' s best kept secrets", recently naming it one of their top 10 places in Europe to visit.

An unique 14 days tour through 3 ex Yugoslav countries. Following places where ex Yugoslav president and the leader of the Partizans, Josip Broz Tito ruled, you will have a chance not only to get to know the cultural heritage of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, but also to see their beauties, including nature, history, gastronomy and tradition of people who are living on these areas. This tour can be extended on a request if the group wants to visit Slovenia, to have a vacation on the Adriatic coast in Croatia or to return to Serbia to get direct direct flights from Belgrade Airport.



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