Novi Sad tours

Sightseeing by walk - Novi Sad, 2 hours

Take a walking tour through the center of Novi Sad, city known as the Serbian Athens. See the National Theater and hear a story about it, as it was the center of Serbian culture during the Austro - Hungarian rule. Main City Square where many concerts and events are held such as New Years Eve, Vine Fair, Books Fair and many more. ... Full story

Sightseeing by walk - Novi Sad, 3-4 hours

Take a stroll through the center of the capital of Serbian province Vojvodina, called Europe in small, because of all the nations that live here. See all the must see sights in Novi Sad. On foot tour through the city center – White pearl of Novi Sad – the Serbian National Theatre, Main city Square where an excellent party is thrown every year for the New Years Eve. ... Full story

Sightseeing of Petrovaradin Fortress - 4 hours

We gather in front of City Hall in Novi Sad, in the Sloboda Square, the main city square. After a pleasant walk over the Rainbow bridge crossing the Danube River, we arrive to the 114 steps that lead us to the Petrovaradin Fortress. We come to a story old as civilization. ... Full story

Sightseeing of Novi Sad by car - 4 hours

Explore Novi Sad on foot and by bus or a car, in a panoramic sightseeing. Start the walk in the city center, from Serbian National Theatre, across the Main City Square, with a stop to admire the beautiful architecture of many houses and sacral buildings like the Catholic Church, Catholic Porte, Gathering Church and the Bishop’s Court. ... Full story

Excursion to Sremski Karlovci - half day

Leaving Novi Sad, and heading for a small baroque town of Sremski Karlovci. On the way stop at the Church of Tekije, to the place where Christianity triumphed over the Islam. Continue the journey to Sremski Karlovci. Enjoy the sightseeing of this independent little town, on the slopes of the Fruska Gora Mountain, famous for quality wines. ... Full story

Off-road Adventure On The Slopes Of Fruska Gora Mountain - 1 day

We provide rides with the old-timer jeeps (produced in 1941). On the bank of the Danube on pontoon we will serve you with breakfast and drinks. Than we will ride in jeep along the Danube through Sremski Karlovci (we can also arrange a visit to Sremski Karlovci on demand). ... Full story

Castles of Vojvodina - 1 day

Start with a visit to the Kovilj Monastery, which was according to the legend built by Saint Sava, the illuminator of Serbian people. The other legend says that it was built by Serbian king Dragutin. A castle built by a nobleman, Lazar Agoston as a feudal castle on the bank of Begej River in Ecka is your next stop. ... Full story

Excursion to Backi Petrovac - 1 day

See in first hand the multiculturality of northern Serbian province of Vojvodina in the village of Backi Petrovac. It is well known as a Slovak village, and this is your chance to get acquainted with the customs, culture and the tradition of Slovaks in Vojvodina. ... Full story

Excursion to Backi Monostor - 1 day

Explore the city of Sombor, known for good music and a good time. Sightseeing of the city centre including the Church, the Gallery of Milan Konjevic, Horse Carriage Square and the most famous building in Sombor with a Sun watch on top of it. ... Full story

Excursion to Palic Lake - 1 day

Travel to the northern province of Serbia called Vojvodina, City of Subotica and Palic Lake popular place as a tourist destination. Take a walk with our guide beside the lake, or if you prefer a bike ride, we can arrange that as well. ... Full story

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