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Excursions in Serbia

Novi Sad Tours

Half day Tours From Novi Sad Cruise along the Danube from Novi Sad - every weekend, FROM 350 RSD SIGHTSEEING BY WALK 2h - on request - ... Full story

Belgrade tours

GUARANTEED DEPARTURE SIGHTSEEING AND EXCURSIONS - for individualsWalking Tour Belgrade The Circle Of Tramcar No.2. Belgrade Besides The Rivers On Bicycle Vojvodina´s TourBELGRADE TOURS - for groupsSightseeing of ... Full story

Off Road Adventure On The Slopes Of Fruska Gora Mountain

Program: We provide rides with the old-timer jeeps (produced in 1941). On the bank of the Danube on pontoon we will serve you with breakfast and drinks. Than we will ride in jeep along the Danube through Sremski Karlovci (we can also arrange a visit to Sremski Karlovci on demand). Over the Strazilovo, we drive through the forest road to the monastery Grgeteg, where lies the paleontological findings of the Pannonian Sea coast. Across the slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain we are riding to the monastery Velika Remeta, which has the highest tower in the Srem and Byzantine iconostasis. ... Full story

Roman Empire and Middle Ages Tour

Program: Travel through time, to the beginning of the civilization in the Roman town and fortress from the I century A.D. in Viminacium. Visit the place where a 1.5 million years old mammoth was uncovered just this year. Wander through Smederevo fortress, built in XV century. By technology of building, use of fortificated elements, the city has similarities to Byzantine cities, Thessaloniki and Constantinople. ... Full story

Ethno-Eco Tour

Program: Admire the world famous Naive Art Gallery in ethno center Babka. Enrich your private collection or simply buy some of the beautiful ethno souvenirs. While in this village, be sure to ask your local guide to tell you the story about the hand made violins of Jan Nemcek. Explore the small village on the Tamis River, where Mihajlo Pupin, a famous scientist, possibly the inventor of the telephone and X-ray was born. Feast your eyes on the Castle of Count Lazar Lukac and the church from 1711. where Franz Liszt once played for the Count Esterhazy. ... Full story

Monastery Tour

Program: Allow yourself to spend a day in the nature of National Park of Fruska Gora. Discover the hidden gems of this holly mountain which conceals the secret of the 16 monasteries. Learn more about Orthodox religion, Serbian customs and admire the art of architecture of these holy sites. Find out why this place deserves to be the holder of all these treasures. Enrich your spirit, and feel blessed after the seeing of some of the holiest icons in Orthodox religion, like the faithful copy of The Mother of God through her Icon of Three Hands. ... Full story

Wine & Sands Tour

Program: Spend two days in Vrsac, city of wine and culture. Dive into the lively city streets and be a part of a tour through the city center and see the cultural sights like the old pharmacy from the XVIII century, and a memorial collection of famous painter Paja Jovanovic. Enjoy the beauty of the Roman Catholic Church, the most beautiful and one of the biggest in this region where our guide will arrange for you to hear the church organ - playing especially for you. ... Full story

Palic Lake Tour

Program: Discover the north of Vojvodina, City of Subotica and Palic Lake, once a popular place for the gathering of the elite of Yugoslavia, and now even more popular as a tourist destination, available to you. Guided walk beside the lake, or if you fancy a bike ride, we can arrange that as well. ... Full story

Djerdap Tour

Program: Admire the Djerdap Gorge as you follow the flow of the Danube, leading you towards the fortress rising up from rocks, revealing a view on the 6 km wide Danube, and see for your self why is it referred to as the Serbian sea. Explore a pre-historic archeological site of Lepenski Vir, where numerous sculptures and peculiar architecture are a testimony to a rich social and religious life led by early Europeans. ... Full story

Sargan Eight Tour

Program: Explore Western Serbia Start with a short walk through Tesnjar, old part of Valjevo, place famous for old crafts. Enjoy the beautiful nature in the National Park Tara. Hop on the train, leading you through narrow gauge railway in the form of number 8, passing interesting landscapes, bridging the difference in altitude from 300 meters, through a combination of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and failures. ... Full story

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