Wine Tours in Serbia

Wine Tours in Serbia Wine Tours in Serbia

The birth of wine production in Serbia is connected with the Roman Emperor Marcus Aureliuanus Probus, born in the Roman emperor’s settlement of Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica). In the third century A.D. the first vine was planted on the slopes of Fruška gora. Most Serbian rulers practiced and improvised grape-growing culture.

Pipes 25 km long were fashioned in order to distribute wine to the cellars of the king in the throne place of Prizren (Kosovo-Metohija). With the penetration of the Turks in our lands in the 14th century the town of Kruševac became both the throne place and the center of wine growing. With the liberation from the Turkish rule an intensive developing of wine-growing began and by the end of 19th century Serbian wines have been enjoyed at the Court of Vienna, in Germany, Russia, Switzerland and even in France!

Miloš Obrenovic, the leader of the Second Serbian Insurrection against the Turks, and the founder of the Obrenovic Royal Family, planted the first vine in the Smederevo region where he had a villa. At the beginning of the 20th century when the King Petar I Karadjordjevic of the other Serbian Royal Family had the court and mausoleum on the hill of Oplenac near Topola he also had vines planted on the area of 10 hectares. Since then the production of the finest wine according to the royal recipes has continued. It could be said that the history of our nation was followed by the history of wine-growing in Serbia. Many Serbian cities have wine festivals and on the 14th February wine-growers celebrate their patron saint, Trifun.

“Bermet” is an authentic wine of the Fruška gora wine-growing hills. It is special liquor made by a combination of more than 20 herbs and seasonings. The technology of production has been kept a secret within families in the town of Sremski Karlovci. It was exported to America 150 years ago and it was offered on the wine list of the ill-fated Titanic. Wine enthusiast must buy some wines as an authentic souvenir from Sremski Karlovci.

Each vineyard hill has at least one wine route which follows the local roads to the places where wine can be tasted and purchased. Our guests will also be offered fresh bread, cheese, smoked mead and other specialties prepared in traditional ways. Visitors may also see cellars which are more than 250 years old. In some parts of Serbia these have been converted into pubs and in some of these places you’ll be welcomed by a real glass of wine.

The majority of the vineyards are situated along three river streams in the central Serbia, the South Morava, the Western Morava and the Great Morava. In Vojvodina vineyard grow along the Sava, Danube, and Tisa rivers.

The programs we offer may be more than one hour long and they can include a visit of one or more wine-growing region. Along the wine routes you will see our national beauties, cultural and historical sites as well as experience the tradition and special features of the vineyards regions. Let wine be the motive for making new friends and seeing new sights.

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