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Kopaonik - Brzeće - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 8 days / 7 nights

Proposition for active holiday. This eight days tour you will give you the opportunity to feel the attraction of mountains in Serbia, amazing nature, monasteries, beautiful landscapes, forests, hills, and the river that springs out on bottom of Gvozdica. You can have picnic in nature, a long walks, that will be unforgettable moment of this tour. This tour is offering proposition for active holiday, and you can use it in best way. ... Full story

Serbia Toward East walking tour - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 15 days / 14 nights

You will walk on the tracks of history, in wrought through centuries in region of Serbia on the east of Balkan. The God granted to this area, wild and beautiful nature, mythic and gnostic, with the people that lives nowadays on the way, in connection with nature, along with rituals that exists today and impounds with its beauty. ... Full story

Balkan Triangle hiking tour - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 15 days / 14 nights

The Balkan region is full of intrigue and abounds with stunning natural beauty. Nowhere is it more evident than in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The three countries share a common heritage and history, similar customs and hospitable people. Explore this wondrous trio and discover an otherworldly beauty. ... Full story

Walking tour in Ovcar-Kablar Gorge - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 7 days / 6 nights

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge lies between the mountains of Kablar (985 m) and Ovčar (885 m), 50-100 m in width. It is located around 160 km from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is the most picturesque gorge in Serbia. It features steep, high limestone sides that conceal a number of cave openings, the "gooseneck” meanders of the Zapadna Morava river and an authentic and unique flora and fauna. ... Full story

Walking and cultural tour - Fruška Gora and surrounding - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 6 days / 5 nights

The oldest national park in Serbia is Fruška Gora, proclaimed in 1960. It features gentle slopes, opulent fortresses and some very well-known vineyards. Its highest peak is Crveni Čot, 538 m above sea level, and the range lies along the bank of the Danube River. Fruska gora is 80 km away from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and around 25 km from Novi Sad, the second most important city in Serbia. ... Full story

Tour in Iron Gate National Park - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 7 days / 6 nights

A blend of time and nature on land and water, the largest national park in Serbia, National Park Iron Gate, is located in northeastern Serbia, on the border with Romania. Donji Milanovac, the nearest town to Iron Gate national park is around 220 km from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. ... Full story

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