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Route of Roman Emperors - Serbia historical tour

Route of Roman Emperors Route of Roman Emperors

According to notification of Ministry of Economy, The Government of Serbia will soon accept the master plan “Route of Roman Emperors”. This is a unique educational tour, which will introduce domestic and foreign tourist with the significant of Roman Emperors that left indelible tracks of material culture in Serbia.

The total amount intend to this project is 25 million euro. The plan considers of construction of parking and accesses near the remains of Roman towns and fortresses, setting up pointers, carving busts of 17 emperors, installing the lift till Trajan table, building the laser Trajan Bridge, preparing the special roman menu, making souvenirs, construction of roman boarding houses… Tourists will have unique opportunity to ride by roman rickshaws, drink roman wine, and wear roman togs and to return to a history of Roman Empire – and all that in Serbia!

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