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Trekking and bike tour in Serbia - 100 % active week at famous Mt. Kopaonik NP

Trekking and bike tour in Serbia - 100 % active week at famous Mt. Kopaonik NP

Take a deep breath. It’s time for Kopaonik! 100 % active week at famous Mt.Kopaonik NP Trekking and bike tour. The most suitable period: Middle of June – middle of September

Day 1.
Meeting with the group in Novi Sad or in Belgrade. Transfer the E75 highway towards Nis and the National Park Kopaonik, with short breaks for refreshments and lunch and for sightseeing. Arrival at Kopaonik and accommodation in hotel, villa or mountain lodge. Free time for exploring the environment. Dinner. Meeting with a guide regarding the activities of the group planned for the coming days. Overnight.

Day 2.
Breakfast. Free time. Preparation for trekking tour to introduce Kopaonik and individual purchase of food and refreshments. Around noon, starting on a long tour of 4-5 hours, during which we will have a picnic lunch in the area by your choice. The tour departs from the tourist complex on Kopaonik. This is the ideal option for the initial introduction of the relief of Kopaonik, since with it’s 9 km is not conditional nor technically demanding, even for those who do not spend much time in contact with the mountains. We will visit Pajino preslo, then Suvo Rudiste. The following points of our tours are Duboko and Kneževe vode. Following more than a mile moderate climb takes us to Mali Karaman, offering excellent views of the famous peaks of Kopaonik, which is certainly a great reason to pause and refresh. Following the ridge Karaman, descend to the recreation center, located 2.5 miles, where our trekking tour ends today. Free time for rest or activity of your choice. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 3.
Breakfast. Preparations for a pleasant and exciting half-day cycling tour by the so-called Ravnom Kopaonik, which will in the best way to introduce the magic of Kopaonik. During this tour, with numerous breaks to enjoy the scenery through which we pass, we will have a picnic lunch at one of the places that you decide. Individual supply guests with food and refreshment, and then starting the tour. This tour, like almost all of our cycling tours in Kopaonik, departs from the Mountain Lodge Rtanj, which is an ideal starting point for people seeking an active holiday in Kopaonik. The first 11 miles down a good asphalt road to Jošanička Banja, who then leave and turn right at an excellent gravel road that runs the entire area Ravan Kopaonik in the west-east. On this tour you will visit several picnic and bike ride on asphalt and gravel road. Return to the accommodation facility. Free time for rest or activity of your choice. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 4.
Breakfast. Preparations for whole day, 75-km long bicycle tour through the hinterland of Kopaonik. At 9:30 departure for the ride, during which we will explore the surroundings of this famous Serbian mountains. Depending on your wishes, optional lunch will be in the place by your choose in Brus, or we will have a picnic lunch at one of the beautiful slopes of Kopaonik. The tour, as well as our other cycling tours in Kopaonik, departs from the Lodge Rtanj. Despite its length of 75 km, this full-day tour is moderately strenuous (5 / 10) and the cyclists are not more serious set of technical requirements for the operation of your bicycle (3 / 10). Upon departure from the Lodge Rtanj as soon get down to the main road 500 meters after the passengers on the gravel road, we start very gentle rise from the asphalt long 2 km to the mountain pass. From here, the next 11 miles, follows the excellent asphalt downhill, full of dynamic curves and a very fast section, to the famous tourist places Brzeće, where we make a short break for refreshments. The following 18 km of asphalt to the point Brus, which cross all the time is dropping, with only some insignificant and just a short climb. After a break for rest, refreshment and lunch at the Bruce, our tour continues on an asphalt road and 8 km away Milentija village, beneath the walls of the medieval Serbian Koznik, all the time is quite easy to climb from Bruce.During this tour we will have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting areas of Mount Kopaonik. Return to accommodation. Free time for rest or activity of your choice. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 5.
Breakfast. Free time to start preparing for a half-day, 21 km long cycling tour by the so-called. Ravan Kopaonik, during which we will have a picnic lunch at the place in nature that you're chosen. Individual purchase of food and refreshments to 10 hours, when followed by starting the ride, which we will explore further some very picturesque area of Flat Kopaonik. As before, we start from the Lodge Rtanj. The tour is more demanding than the previous and next good physical condition, participants required a good level of technique in the management of a bicycle. As such, it is ideal for real adventurers, inclined slightly more extreme approach to the mountain rides. Return to accommodation. Free time for rest or activity of your choice. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 6.
Breakfast. Preparations for all-day, 50 km long cycling tour in the southern hinterland of Kopaonik, during which one will go down in part to its short and to the territory of Kosovo, but with absolutely no security risk. At 9:30 departure for the ride, which we will explore this part of the most famous mountains in Serbia. Depending on your wishes, lunch will be in one of the pub or restaurant in the 15-odd kilometers away Brzeće place (in which case the tour we set off at 11:00), or we will have a picnic lunch at one of the beautiful slopes of Kopaonik, where we started to climb up on it. As always, we start from the Lodge Rtanj. This circular, 50 km long tour is physically demanding moderate, and management techniques in terms of bike belongs to the simple. It is the last step our active story of Kopaonik and its landscapes. In Brzece make a break for refreshments and a possible lunch, and then the next 35 km almost constantly climbing up towards the tourist center of Kopaonik. Return to accommodation. Free time for rest or activity of your choice. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 7.
Breakfast. After breakfast, leave the accommodation and 290 km long transfer to Belgrade. During this transfer, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the part of rich cultural and historical heritage of this part of Serbia. Transfer takes us through Jošanička spa, where we continue to the mouth and the monastery Studenica. After visiting the monastery, we head towards the Ibar Valley to Kraljevo and by the time we visit the medieval fortress Maglic, which rises over the Ibar. Individual lunch in Mataruska spa, after which we visit the monastery Žiča. Continue the journey and arrival in Belgrade about 18 hours. Overnight.

Day 8.
After breakfast, short sightseeing tour of Belgrade and its major attractions. Transfer to the airport. End of program

This tour is feasible in the period from mid June to mid September and is directly connected with the weather conditions on the mountain. Any implementation in another period, carries with it risks of low temperatures and even snow, making it impossible to perform the cycling trip. In case of bad weather or heavy rainfall in the days reserved for cycling and trekking excursions, guide tours in its sole discretion to abandon the planned route due to public safety or the possibility that the actual trip to the given weather conditions at all out completely about his or shortening the possible replacement of some other content that we will agreed on site with tour participants.

Price per person in EUR in double room:

Number of persons

15 pax

20 pax

25 pax





Price include:
- Transfer to Kopaonik and back to Belgrade
- Accommodation in Mountain Lodge in double rooms
- 3 x lunch (day 1, 4, 6)
- Guide during the tour

Price doesn’t include:
- Flight to/from Belgrade
- Other costs not included in the price

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