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Gastronomy Multicultural Tour

Gastronomy Multicultural Tour

We invite you on this unforgettable 12-day Wine & Gourmet journey through vineyards and sleepy towns of Vojvodina province, savouring some amazing culinary delights inspired by the multi-ethnic local communities and unveiling some of Europe's best-kept secret wines. This tour highlights Serbia's regional differences in gastronomy and offers unique opportunity for sampling traditional specialities and cuisine of Serb, Valach, Slovak and Hungarian residents of local villages.

Experience the unforgeable moments on your way through Serbia while taking part in distilling an authentic Serbian grappa named rakija, or to learn some of traditional local folk dances. Delicious food and drinks are inevitably accompanied by traditional music: hear the sounds of tambourines, fifes and trumpets in its truly original setting!

Join the our Gastronomy multicultural tour and enjoy exploring Serbia on the way!

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