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Hiking through Serbia

Hiking through Serbia

British adventurer Kevin Shannon is one more out of many tourists which are coming to Serbia because of trekking. He started his journey from North to South of Serbia by foot, wishing to explore our country, to document Serbian culture, mentality, gastronomy and nature.

Journey 600 kilometres long, begins in Subotica and goes through Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo and Niš, and its finishes at Preševo.  This is Kevin’s second introduction to hospitality of our country. Frist time, he came in Serbia on bike, when he travelled from Turkey to England. Then, he really liked the hospitality of our people and he came for a second time to our country by foot. This travel is really slow, therefore people are noticing him, welcoming him and inviting to hang out with them.  Kevin’s plan is to come back to Serbia after few months and to start another journey but in different way: from south to north; to write a book and produce a short documentary.

This adventurer, nature lover, writer and director from The Great Britain, to convey his impressions uses „Twitter“ @Kev_Shannon ie #walkserbia, „Facebook“, „Instagram“ and „Vimeo“, and also he is writing a daily blog. “Walking through Serbia” you can follow on the websites www.becauseitisthere.co.uk.

Otherwise, Serbia is a part of European walking roads through which “walk” five million tourists. Two tracks, through East and West Serbia E4 i E7, are included in the European map of walking paths. On this corridors are walking tourists and hikers which want to explore new places and to pass certain distances continuously or with few interruptions in different periods.  

Walking tour 

Group of foreigners, at the end of 2012, were walking through Vojvodina, along the Danube, until Belgrade. Following Sultan Trails (of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent) during two weeks they walked 300 kilometres and marked the rout for the real venture – creation of European cultural rout that will connect area between Wien and Istanbul.

Bike and walking tour 

Biking tours, Bike and walking tour in Stara Planina, as a compound of biking and hiking with sojourn in pure nature, are unique experience that gives special excitement and sense of freedom.

In their impressions about Serbia, foreign tourist always mentioning the warmness and hospitality of local people, and rural ambience, which are no longer exist at their countries, is absolutely fascinates them.  


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