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VisitSerbia & Belgrade Card

VisitSerbia & Belgrade Card VisitSerbia & Belgrade Card

VisitSerbia Card offers free admission, considerable discounts and added value for most of Belgrade’s and Serbia's major tourist attractions. Take advantage of complimentary or discounted admission to most significant sights, museums, galleries, zoo & botanical gardens, theatres, observatories, etc. Make substantial savings at souvenir shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars, or simmply enjoy exclusive offers on sightseeing trips, river cruises, car-hire, balloon flights and many, many more...

Belgrade CARD offers free or discounted admission and added value for most tourist attractions in Belgrade and Serbia. The card is not transferable and can be used when signed and validated with starting date & time on the back of the card.

Belgrade CARD brochure provides you with a complimentary map of Belgrade, containing basic travel information, contacts and photos. Discount range depends on the venue and attraction, but covers most tourist essentials. All you need to do enjoy the benefits is to present Belgrade CARD at the time, selects goods or services that are on special discount for card holders and hand-in a coupon from the back of the brochure.

We hope that this brochure will reveal to you some places in Belgrade, so you can discover Belgrade the easy way. To browse our brochure on-line  CLICK HERE >>> and you can also download it as

Belgrade CARD is part of VisitSerbia CARD system, powered by VisitSerbia.org, online reservation service for accomodation in Serbia and tourist portal.

For any information or appeal contact us at:
Phone: +381(0)21 47 24 088
Mob: +381(0)64 230 56 40
E-mail: card@visitserbia.org
Web: www.visitserbia.org
Address: No.7 Pasiceva Street
City of Novi Sad, Serbia


VisitSerbia Card brochure provides you with all necessary information, contacts, photos discount range for numerous places that can satisfy all your tourist needs. This is the first release of VisitSerbia Card, and it will be for free for all those who make reservations in Serbia on www.visitserbia.org. We hope that this brochure will reveal to you some places in Serbia, so you can easily discover the rest.


DVA JELENA - Restaurant - 10% on all menus
One of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade established in 1832. Placed in the heart of Belgrade’s bohemian quart „Skadarlija“ it presents history in short, as it was a witness of many funny and less funny events in witch many of Serbian artists, poets and many other glorious historical figures took a part.
By visiting our restaurant you will enjoy various national specialties in cosy environment and the old city music. Restaurant is composed of an auditorium, restaurant, hunters room, flambe, tavern,and main auditorium for more than 500ppl., and same at the terrace.

JEVREM - Restaurant- 10% on selected menus
The most romantic place in Belgrade
Experience the twenties and thirties of the XX century in the heart of Belgrade. Get to know the quality of Serbian tradition in 3 separate units: the carpet, the restaurant - which serves our national dishes and unique cuisine. In addition to the rich offer of soup, chowder, hot and cold appetizers, pot roasted meat and vegetables, a rich selection of river and sea fish, in our restaurant you can consume almost forgotten specialties that our grandmothers prepared in the past. Summer garden - the most romantic green cascade garden in Belgrade, in the spirit of tradition from the beginning of the XX century.

MAJIK - Restaurant&Bar - 20% on food, 10% on beverages
Feel the magic of restaurant Majik
Perfectly designed getaway where high quality food goes hand in hand with artistic freedom, refined pleasures for all your senses, variably illumination in lively, optimistic colors conveying an aura of happiness with the cosmopolitan music spirit. Majik is defined as fusion of the best things from around the world - funky fusion food is the concept that perfectly combines enchanting aromas of mediterranean cuisine with a touch of mystique of the far east, classical hits, original ideas and new trends on your table. Majik is the first design-in restaurant in Belgrade, a masterpiece of avant-garde art with the signature of Karim Rashid. It brings together the benefits of an exclusive restaurant and an elite night club with broad choice of fresh & fantasy cocktails and the finest sorts of wine.

TRI SESIRA - Restaurant - 10-20% on selected menus

The oldest restaurant in skadarlija marks its 150 years old history. Honorably hosted the most eminent personalities, including king Huan Karlos, George Bush, Willy Brandt, Pertini....Quality service and national specialties made it far famed.

CLUB PEOPLES - Beach Bar, Restaurant & Club 00-24 - 10% on food & beverages
Placed at the beginning of Sava lake, known as Ada Ciganlija, Club Peoples has separate beach, caffe&club area, restaurant area, and above that a spacy terrace. Located on the beautiful beach, you can enjoy sun on the sunbeds, swings, lazy bags, or dine pizzas, pastas, squid, pancerote, salads and other Italian specialties in our restaurant. Disco, electro and other club music is played day and night, the best clubbing moments are at Friday and Saturday.

ADA SAFARI - Restaurant - 10% on all domestic products

Ada Safari is located on the peninsula Ada Ciganlija, the most developed and popular vacation area in Belgrade. It is situated just on the right peak of Ada, hidden from city noise and surrounded by forest, thus creating for each guest a pleasant feeling of being relaxed and far away from the city, although it is only 4 km far from the downtown of Belgrade. It consists of: Restaurant „Opušteno“ (Relax), Ada Safari Sport Fishing Club, Mini Zoo Garden, Yard, and Old Serbian House.

COLONIAL SUN - Restaurant - 10% on selected menus

In the specific ambience of the Lounge restaurant, you may travel through the exotic tastes of the Near East, Africa, India and Europe which are accompanied by an authentic interior of a colonial style. The sophisticated tastes of the fusion cuisine will enable you to feel the spirit of the Orient. Accomplish your Ars Vivendi in a unique way and through a culinary delight. The Old Good England Club and the summer balcony are situated above the restaurant, and they are appropriate for exclusive business meetings and different kinds of private parties.

YACHTING CLUB KEJ - Restaurant - 10-20% on selected menus

The exclusive offer of Yachting Club Kej is a restaurant with a gorgeous view on the Kalemegdan Fortress and Usce – confluence of two rivers, Sava and Danube. The restaurant offer an incredible gastronomic pleasure of domestic cuisine, domestic beer and different types of wine in a pleasant environment. Spend your free time with family, friends and business partners in a small peaceful oasis nearby downtown, surrounded by nature.

National house Serbian lodge is located on the bank of the Sava river. The restaurant is decorated in ethnic style. We have a national cuisine, rich selection of wines and other drinks and live music performances. From the terrace there is a nice view of the river. We can host up to 500 people.

KNEZ - Restaurant - 10% on food
Since the end of the 19th century till the end of World War II, one of the most known restaurants in Old Belgrade, “ Independent Serbia “, was situated in the same building as this restaurant. The building was built in year 1888. In this restaurant are served see food, Italian pastas, meat specialties, as well as national dishes. In our wine card you can find domestic wins, as well as wines from 4 continents.


BELGRADE FORTRESS GIFT SHOP - 10-20% on selected packages

The Souvenir shop, newly opened space in the Inner Stambol gate offers authentic, unique and mostly handmade souvenirs. They are all made of materials characteristic for our country, and most important of all - they all have themes related to Belgrade and Belgrade fortress. Postcards, maps, guides, publications, and monographies about Belgrade fortress make another segment of rich choice that the Souvenir shop has to offer.




The Residence was erected in 1831. and was used as a private residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović’s wife, Princess Ljubica. At present, the palace displays interiors of the Belgrade homes of the 19th century (in Oriental, Biedermeier, neo-baroque, neo-rococo, Napoleon III and alt-Deutsche style).

The Museum was founded as a memory of our remarkable writer and the Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andrić. The exhibition covers the authentic interior of his home and the Legacy of Ivo Andrić, his personal library, manuscripts, correspondence, photos, fine art paintings, personal belongings, diplomas and medals.

The Museum is located in the house in which our internationally-renown scientist-geographer lived and worked since 1905. The interior wall decoration as well as the furniture was made in the local secession fashion. Museum exhibit depicts the representative part of the Legacy of Jovan Cvijić encompassing manuscripts, correspondence, photos, books, applied art objects, fine art paintings, personal belongings and documents.

Toma Rosandić’s Museum, located in sculptor’s house and original atelier, depicts his sculptures, sculpting tools, objects of applied art and furniture pieces, his correspondence and personal documents.

Permanent exhibition includes paintings, painter toolbox, personal documents, diplomas and medals, notes and correspondence of Paja Jovanović, best known painter of Serbian academic realism. The Neo-Renaissance portal and a Louis XV salon from the artist’s studio in Vienna are also exhibited in the Museum.

Legacy of Pava and Milan Sekulić includes total of 259 pieces, among which an exceptionally worth collection of icons from the period from 17th to 20th century, paintings, period furniture, a library of rare and old books, and other objects of art.

In Vinča village, 15 km east from the center of Belgrade, on the right bank of Danube river there is an archaeological site Belo brdo. A small informative exhibition and the excavations that are being conducted each year illustrate eight millenniums of existence of Vinča, which is famous for the Neolithic culture established in c. 5.500 BC.

The Museum of Banjica concentration camp is dedicated to the memory of the prisoners and victims of Nazi concentration camp from the Second World War. Documentation, posters and photographs together with the model of camp complex are the framework for preserved personal objects, original drawings, sketches and handmade works by camp inmates.

The oldest institution of the kind in the South-East Europe. The first permanent exhibition was opened on September 20th, 1904. The museum collections contain about 60.000 of ethnographic artifacts and about 100.000 of paintings, drawings, photographs, documents, archive, rich library (60.000 books, journals and magazines), film collection and other museum materials presenting the phenomena of folk culture.

MANAK’S MANSION - 20% entrance
The house is a precious example of the original folk architecture of the Old Balkans and the ethnographic memorial collection of a painter Hristifor Crnilović is placed under its roof. The permanent exhibition displays exquisite items, as for instance folk costumes and jewelry of Central Balkans region.

Museum of Yugoslav History has a collection of more than 200.000 items that illustrate Yugoslav history throughout 20th century, with the special accent on life and work of Josip Broz Tito. Museum comprises 3 buildings (the Museum “May 25th”, the House of Flowers and the Old Museum) and a 3.20 hectare park.

The Natural History Museum in Belgrade is one of the oldest Serbian national institutions. It was founded in 1895. Presently, the temporary storage facilities house natural and cultural heritage including 117 biological and geological collections, with approximately 1.5 million diverse specimens from Serbia, Balkan Peninsula, as well as from all over the world. The museum’s Gallery is situated within the park-monumental complex of Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan, and it is the place for exhibitions, presentations, lectures and promotions.

NIKOLA TESLA MUSEUM - 10% entrance
Nikola Tesla Museum, which keeps original legacy of the great scientist and inventor, is an amazing place to visit and see its permanent exhibition with working models which bring to life Tesla’s famous inventions and discoveries accomplished in the field of electro-technology and mechanical engineering.

MILITARY MUSEUM - 20% entrance
Founded in 1878. The museum has over 30.000 ancient and modern items from all periods of armed combat. These include Roman swords and helmets, Greek helmets and daggers, Serbian heavy knight’s armor, axes, shields, helmets, crossbows, armored gloves, as well as Western medieval weapons. A well-known exhibit features parts of a US F-117 stealth aircraft which was downed by Serbian anti-aircraft gunners. Outside the museum’s main building, there are numerous tanks, howitzers, and armored cars of many types.

The Museum was established in 1963. Its primary mission is to collect, preserve, study and exhibit materials which foster a better and deeper insight into the past of Serbia and its people, with particular stress on the political, social and cultural circumstances which marked the period of struggle against the Ottoman domination, followed by the recovery of national independence and then the wars waged in the 20th century. The Residence of Prince Milos in Topcider is a part of the Museum.

In Topcider, the valley of cannons, former meadow where the Vizier’s horses were fed and artilleries retreated. Museum’s primary mission is to collect, register, preserve, handle, study and exhibit the materials related to the Serbian people and Serbia in the time of the First (1804-1813) and Second (1815) Serbian Uprising.

BELGRADE CITY ZOO - 33% entrance

The most famous zoo in Serbia, with almost 200 species within it’s animal collection. It is placed near the ancient Kalemegdan fortress - a 10 minute walk from the city center.

BOTANICAL GARDEN - 17% entrance
Garden spreads over the area o 5ha. In the open ground, there are more than 1.000 species of reeds, scrubs and herbaceous species of native. European and exotic plants, and about 1.000 trophic and subtropic plants, grown in the greenhouse. The Royal Botanical garden was founded in 1874.

TERAZIJE THEATER - 10% entrance to selected performances
Only musical theater on Balkan! The history of Theater on Terazije, the only musical theater on Balkan, starts in 1949. At the beginning positioned as mostly popular and easy-comedy genre theater, with each season it developed not only repertoire ambitiousness but it gained more praise from the cultural public as a theatrical institution of high potential and relevant artistic achievements. This is the most popular theater in region.

NATIONAL OBSERVATORY - 100% free entrance
Astronomical Society “Rudjer Boskovic” practices amateur astronomy observations. Public Observatory within the Society was founded, which is still located in an adapted Despot’s tower in Kalemegdan, Belgrade. If the skies are clear, our telescopes are available for visitors to observe celestial bodies. At the Public Observatory terrace, also four panoramic telescopes are installed for daily observations of the city’s panorama (unique place in Belgrade).

One day excursion - Krusedol, Sremski Karlovci, Fruska Gora, Novi Sad

Excursion includes visit to Krusedol Monastery- one of the most beutiful monasteries in Serbia , sightseeing of the small baroque town of Sremski Karlovci, wine testing in special wine cellar on Fruska Gora mountain, sightseeing of Petrovaradin fortress- second biggest fortress in Europe, panoramic sightseeing of Novi Sad city, and a short walk in the pedestrian area of Novi Sad.

EXCURSIONS TO SURCIN - 10% on all 3 excursions
Every Saturday and Sunday
Excursions include - Cruising on Sava river, Coffe break in Club S, Visit to Fenek monastery and monument of the Golden Cross,Visit to Ethno house Stajkov, Visit to Nautical village, Visit to Ethno garden Kovacev, Free time at Stremen ranch (lunch, horseback riding, walking), Free time at restaurant Bojcinska koleba (lunch, trim trail, horseback riding), Outdoor concert - Bojcin Cultural Summer at Summer Scene, Minibus drive between locations , Cruising on Sava river back to New Belgrade.


YACHTING CLUB KEJ CRUISES - 10-20% on Danube and Sava river cruises
Enjoy a gourmet catered brunch, lunch, dinner or the unique picnic while you cruise on the Danube and Sava river. The open air top deck and interior salon of our luxury catamaran provide the perfect setting for your unforgettable moments. The boat ‘’Kej 1’’ is catamaran on two levels providing the maximum comfort, business setting, top service, air-conditioned salon, restaurant –bar, professional sound system open upper deck.

DANUVIJE - 10% on Belgrade sightseeing & excursion by boat Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 6 p.m.  
Tourist boat is 22 m long. It has a large covered sundeck, a very comfortable, air-conditioned, two level lounge, a bar, sound system, modern navigational equipment, professional and highly skilled crew. Both our captain and his crew give you an opportunity to meet 1700 km of fairways and channels, to experience the beauty of river banks, oasis of untouched nature, natural phenomenon, archeological sites, charming little towns down the river, numerous churches and monasteries…
Destinations: Vincha - archeological tour, Titel - along Danube and Tisa, Viminacium & Smederevo, Robinson Crusoe Picnic...on 2 boat’s “Danuvije” & “Balkanexpres”

BALLOON SERVICE - 10-20% discount on balloon flights
Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Hot Air Ballooning. Balloon Service is a commercial Hot Air Balloon Operator providing a number of services to both individuals and companies throughout Serbia. Balloon Service provides transport from your hotel to the launch site.

EUROPCAR - 15% on car rental

MARKETING CENTAR Novi Sad, for business companies - 20% discount on presentation equipment renting services, and services of marketing. More details at: www.marketingcentar.rs

CARD Reservations and Information
Pasiceva 7, Novi Sad, Serbia
tel: (+38121) 47 24 088
mob: +381 64 230 56 40
e-mail: card@visitserbia.org
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