The Roman Empire in Serbia

That Serbia is rich in Roman heritage, tells the fact that on our soil was born or lived 17 Roman emperors which is the one fifth of them. The Emperor Conastantine, one of the most important figures for Christianity, was born in Nish. The cities, temples and roads were built, and today its telling us about the greatness and importance of Roman Empire. ... Full story

East Serbia (Viminacium, Felix Romuliana, Golubac fortress, Iron Gate, Old mountain, Lepenski Vir, wines...)

The story about this part of Serbia begins long time ago with Lepenski vir, place where prehistoric people built their homes. The archaeological sites of Eastern Serbia, such as this one, are the most important sites in our country: Lepenski Vir, Tabula Traiana and Trajan's Bridge, Diana, Felix Romuliana, Viminacium, Soko Grad, Fetislam. ... Full story

Viminacium - from I to XIX century

Remains of Viminacium (I - XIX century), near Smederevo, former Roman town and military camp, presents the worlds jewel and one of the most significant archaeological sites in Southeastern Europe. ... Full story

Bike Tour Through Serbia - Multi Option: 8 - 11 days

Do you enjoy adventure travel? Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Do you enjoy riding a bike? This journey will take you to some of the most unique and beautiful parts of Serbia. Pedal past amazing cities and historic sites, scenic landscapes, even a prehistoric desert. Enjoy the traditions of Serbia, get to know its culture and customs and savor the delicious local fare and wine. Bring your bike and your sense of adventure! ... Full story

The roads of Roman Emperors - Serbia historical tour, 2 days / 1 night

Modern fortresses were built on the places of previously built fortresses of the times of Romans, Celts, Ottomans, Serbians… During this tour you’ll not only visit fortresses, but you will also hear more about history, culture and tradition of people that once lived here as well as about the rich culture and tradition of people that live here today. ... Full story

Royal wine tour through Serbia - 9 days / 8 nights

Day 1 Belgrade (D) (cca 30km)Arrival to Belgrade. Accommodation in a hotel. Sightseeing tour of the city - visit to the fortress of Kalemegdan - ... Full story

Ancient towns, Ancient wine - 7 days / 6 nights, from 196 EUR

Program: Program of seven days. Each day for something different. First, traditional food, then the quality wine and after that, the traces of the past, laying down in the east of Serbia. magnificent and important archaeological sites, worth of visiting. Come and enjoy. ... Full story

Different Experience in 8 days - 8 days / 7 nights, from 243 EUR

Program: In this version of our 8-days program we want to show you beautiful shapes made by nature, to show you our candidate for the seven wonders of the world. We are going to show you caves and wells like you have never seen before, and to relax your mind and spirit wit wellness and spa programs. Visit the different and unique museums and galleries. ... Full story

Roman Empire and Middle Ages Tour

Program: Travel through time, to the beginning of the civilization in the Roman town and fortress from the I century A.D. in Viminacium. Visit the place where a 1.5 million years old mammoth was uncovered just this year. Wander through Smederevo fortress, built in XV century. By technology of building, use of fortificated elements, the city has similarities to Byzantine cities, Thessaloniki and Constantinople. ... Full story


  Visit the capital of the central part of the Roman Empire, step into the underground world and visit the pagan and Christian tombs that are ... Full story

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