The Roman Empire in Serbia

That Serbia is rich in Roman heritage, tells the fact that on our soil was born or lived 17 Roman emperors which is the one fifth of them. The Emperor Conastantine, one of the most important figures for Christianity, was born in Nish. The cities, temples and roads were built, and today its telling us about the greatness and importance of Roman Empire. ... Full story

Archeological site - Sirmium

Sremska Mitrovica, a town standing on the site of Sirmium, the capital of the Roman Empire at one time, lies south of the Fruska Gora, on the bank of the Sava, the biggest tributary to the Danube in Serbia. Large scale excavations have been undertaken here in order to unearth the remains of its former splendor. ... Full story

Camping site "Zasavica" ***

Camping site “Zasavica” is located in the heart of untouched, preserved nature, 12 km south of Belgrade - Zagreb, E-70 highway, 80 km ... Full story

Sremska Mitrovica (Sirmium)

  One of the four Roman Empire capitals in the 4th century BC, place of birth and residential premises of ten Roman emperors. It is founded on ... Full story

Sremska Mitrovica Town, Sirmium and Zasavica

Sremska Mitrovica is situated in the southern part of Srem, on the river Sava, in the border area of Central Serbia, more exactly of Macva. It is situated on the international motorway E-70. It is connected with the regional road Novi Sad - Sabac in the direction of North-South. ... Full story

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