Sargan eight

Balkan Triangle hiking tour - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 15 days / 14 nights

The Balkan region is full of intrigue and abounds with stunning natural beauty. Nowhere is it more evident than in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The three countries share a common heritage and history, similar customs and hospitable people. Explore this wondrous trio and discover an otherworldly beauty. ... Full story

From Royal Tradition To Communism And Back - 8 days/ 7 nights, escorted tour Serbia

Serbia, like " a house by the main road", witnessed turbulent history. This country on the mountainous Balkan, was recording a long political tradition on whose throne many rulers were being changed, leaving still visible historical traces behind... ... Full story

Sounds of Balkan - 10 days / 9 nights, escorted tour Serbia

Visit Serbia’s most spectacular cultural and historic sites while you listen to the mesmerizing sounds of string instruments, wooden flutes, trumpets and accordions. Revel in the warm hospitality and ambiance of Serbia. Sample delicious traditional delicacies and fine wine. Let Magelan take you on an unforgettable journey! ... Full story

Tour through Serbia - 11 days / 10 nights, escorted tour Serbia

This tour is a unique possibility to discover special and hidden places in Serbia. Try the best wines from the slopes of Fruska Gora mountains and Vrsac vintages, gather with hospitable people, drive through beautiful nature and enjoy in traditional specialties. ... Full story

Beautiful Serbia - 8 days / 7 nights

You are going to feel an unrepeatable uniqueness of the Balkans, sublimation of natural beauties and cultural values imbued with the temperament of the south. Mountain relief clarifies appearance of the extra beauty provides a treasure of extremely preserved forests with lots of endemic species, richness of waters, streams, springs, pastures... in combination with rich history this makes a constitution of uniqueness and simplicity. ... Full story

The Best of Serbia - 8 days / 7 nights

During these eight days you will be introduce with the best places in Serbia, you will see the most important monuments of Belgrade and Novi Sad, you will breathe the nature of Zlatibor Mountain, and take a ride with train „Sargan's Eight“ through beautiful landscape. This tour will take you to the ethno village „Sirogojno“ where you can learn about national native architecture. ... Full story

An active Holiday on the Tara Mountain

An especially attractive programs we offer to small groups from 8 to 16 people is the 7-14 days programs of active holiday at the Tara Mountains. It is different from the active holiday programs offered at Zlatibor because this is designed for adventures. ... Full story

Paths of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade

Return one century back, take an unusual tour using Paths of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. Visit the Museum of Nikola Tesla, 100 year old cabinets of the University and explore Belgrade from Tesla's corner. It is well known that Serbia has Museum of Nikola Tesla, unique institution of science and culture, which preserve Tesla's heritage. ... Full story

Sargan 8 Tour - 2 days

During this two days tour you will enjoy in beautiful nature of Mountain Tara and Zlatibor. You will have opportunity to travel by “Sargan Eight" - the famous narrow gauge railway in the form of number eight. The railway passes through interesting landscapes and bridging the difference in altitude from 300 m through a combination of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and curbs. ... Full story

Sargan Eight Tour

Program: Explore Western Serbia Start with a short walk through Tesnjar, old part of Valjevo, place famous for old crafts. Enjoy the beautiful nature in the National Park Tara. Hop on the train, leading you through narrow gauge railway in the form of number 8, passing interesting landscapes, bridging the difference in altitude from 300 meters, through a combination of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and failures. ... Full story

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