Roman heritage

The cultural route of the Roman Emperors - 8 days / 7 nights, escorted tour Serbia

Enjoy the Roman Serbia – country where 17 Roman Emperors were born. Roman emperors left us cultural heritage and cities, tradition of growing wine-yards and wine production. And all aforementioned, combined with Serbian hospitality, beautiful nature, delicious traditional food will make this tour enjoyable. The Roman Paths tour features the best of the ancient Empire as it winds through glorious cities, intriguing monasteries and majestic ruins. Follow the Roman path and watch as history unfolds before your eyes! ... Full story

Route of Roman Emperors - Serbia historical tour

According to notification of Ministry of Economy, The Government of Serbia will soon accept the master plan “Route of Roman Emperors”. This is a unique educational tour, which will introduce domestic and foreign tourist with the significant of Roman Emperors that left indelible tracks of material culture in Serbia. ... Full story

Culture in Serbia

It all began six thousand years B.C. In Lepenski Vir, on the Danube, where our distant ancestors decided to settle down. At this world famous archaeological site, the first representations of life-size human beings were discovered. Ever since then, many different nations, cultures and religions passed through this area. ... Full story


Enjoy the cruise on the Danube from Belgrade to Kladovo that will introduce you to the history, the protected nature of the Djerdap Gorge - ... Full story


Niš is the third largest city in Serbia and it is one of the oldest cities in Europe as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites in ... Full story

Sremska Mitrovica (Sirmium)

  One of the four Roman Empire capitals in the 4th century BC, place of birth and residential premises of ten Roman emperors. It is founded on ... Full story


  Visit the capital of the central part of the Roman Empire, step into the underground world and visit the pagan and Christian tombs that are ... Full story

Felix Romuliana

  Explore the secrets of the most important late antique palace Felix Romuliana with mosaic floors of lavish beauty. One of most beautiful buildings of past times ... Full story

Empress City - Justiniana Prima

Empress city is one of the most important Byzantine towns in the Balkan Peninsula. Magnificent city was built in the sixth century bythe powerful and ... Full story

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