Fruska Gora

Off Road Adventure On The Slopes Of Fruska Gora Mountain

Program: We provide rides with the old-timer jeeps (produced in 1941). On the bank of the Danube on pontoon we will serve you with breakfast and drinks. Than we will ride in jeep along the Danube through Sremski Karlovci (we can also arrange a visit to Sremski Karlovci on demand). Over the Strazilovo, we drive through the forest road to the monastery Grgeteg, where lies the paleontological findings of the Pannonian Sea coast. Across the slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain we are riding to the monastery Velika Remeta, which has the highest tower in the Srem and Byzantine iconostasis. ... Full story

Monastery Tour

Program: Allow yourself to spend a day in the nature of National Park of Fruska Gora. Discover the hidden gems of this holly mountain which conceals the secret of the 16 monasteries. Learn more about Orthodox religion, Serbian customs and admire the art of architecture of these holy sites. Find out why this place deserves to be the holder of all these treasures. Enrich your spirit, and feel blessed after the seeing of some of the holiest icons in Orthodox religion, like the faithful copy of The Mother of God through her Icon of Three Hands. ... Full story

Wine Traditions and Culture In Serbia

Wine production in Serbia is linked to the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelianus Probus, born in the Roman emperor’s settlement Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica). In the ... Full story

National Park Fruska Gora

Mountain Fruska Gora is famous for the presence of a large number (approximately 700) of medicinal plants. In the flat Vojvodina it rises above the settlements ... Full story

Fruska Gora Mountain

The most popular one day tourist destination from Belgrade is a visit to the Fruska Gora Mountain, protected by the National Park of Nature. Fruska Gora Mountain has also been called The third Saint Mount because of its 17 monasteries. The fame of the wines of the Fruska Gora goes far back to the period of the Habsburg Monarchy. ... Full story

Sremski Karlovci Town

Sremski Karlovci is a small town by the Danube River and on the northern base of the Fruska Gora Mountain. It is only 12 km away from Novi Sad and about one hour drive from Belgrade. Many important events in the history of the Serbs and Europeans took place here. ... Full story

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