Fortresses along the Danube river - Serbia historical tour, 7 days / 6 nights

Danube - the river that unites is a slogan which is usually used for promotion of tourism on the river Danube. However, during the history, the Danube was more often the river that disconnected territories. On the crossroads of world civilizations, between East and West, North and South, the Danube was the border between the great empires. ... Full story


  Visit the last Serbian medieval capital of whose conquering marked the beginning of three and a half centuries long slavery of Serbia under Turkish empire. ... Full story


In the northeastern part of Serbia, at the entrance of the Danube in Europe's biggest Gorge, Iron Gate, there is an old Golubac Fortress, rising ... Full story


Located at an important crossroads, Nis had to take care of its tourist offer, so that in the 1970s and 1980s numerous motels were built. Economic growth and numerous cultural and athletic events required that a hotel in the town core be constructed. This is today Ambassador Hotel, one of the symbols of the city. ... Full story


Pirot, known for Pirot’s carpets, cheese, locally known as kačkavalj and old crafts, is located in the far south of Serbia, on the most important Eastern - Mediterranean direction, 309 km away from Belgrade and 70 km from Niš. ... Full story

Maglic fortress

Maglic is the best preserved medieval town in Serbia. It is surrounded with Ibar River from three sides and has irregular shape. The most beautiful part presents three joined towers on the west side, that offers a great view on the valley and the river. ... Full story

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