Fishing in Serbia

Serbia has great possibilities for developing fishing tourism, whereas the nature potentials, rivers rich with fish, as like as ponds for fish breeding that are typical for are region. Piscatorial waters are divided on 25 fishing areas, from which are the most famous altitude cold waters of Zlatibor region, lowland water (like Ecka) and waters of Timok region. ... Full story

Camping site ''Srbija'' (previously "Bela Crkva") - Bela Crkva

Address: Vracevgajsko jezero, 26 340 Bela Crkva LON: 44°53'20.34"NLAT: 21°23'11.96"EOpen: 1.5. - 1.9.Category: *Camp area: 3,5 haThe "Serbia" camping site is located on the ... Full story

Camping site ''Belocrkvanska jezera'' - Bela Crkva

Address:Glavno jezero 26 340 Bela CrkvaLON: 44°53'35.88"NLAT: 21°24'17.99"EOpen: 1.5. - 15.9. Category: *Camp area: 4.5 haThe Camping site ''Belocrkvanska jezera'' is situated on the City lake ... Full story

Campsite ''Jabukov cvet'' - Banatski Brestovac

  Address: KKK Banatski Brestovac   26234 Banatski BrestovacOpen: all year roundCategory: not categorized Camp area: 7,5 haThe Jabukov cvet (apple flower) camp is situated on the Danube ... Full story

Camping site 'Mirocka voda' - Brza Palanka

Address: Negotinski put bb 19323 Brza Palanka, KladovoOpen: 1.54. – 31.10.Category: not categorizedCamp area: 2,5 ha The “Miročka voda” (“The Water of Miroč”) is situated ... Full story

Camping site 'Ovcar banja' - Ovcar banja

Address: 32 242 Ovcar banja Open: 1.5. - 30.9. Category: * Camp area: 2.5 ha The Ovcar banja camping site is located 160 km southern of Belgrade, 200 m ... Full story


Nature Reserve Zasavica is located on the former site of the two mighty rivers flow - Drina and Sava rivers. A beautiful nature reserve is ... Full story

Uvac Gorge - "Sculpture miracle of nature"

Uvac Gorge is a paradise located on a thousand meters above sea level. The steep, sharp rocks of the canyon, bust, greenish color of the ... Full story

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