Empress City

The Roman Empire in Serbia

That Serbia is rich in Roman heritage, tells the fact that on our soil was born or lived 17 Roman emperors which is the one fifth of them. The Emperor Conastantine, one of the most important figures for Christianity, was born in Nish. The cities, temples and roads were built, and today its telling us about the greatness and importance of Roman Empire. ... Full story

Caricin Grad – Empress City

Caricin Grad – Emperors town (VI and VII century), near Leskovac, was raised in byzantine province Ilirik, where emperor Justinian was born. Caricin Grad was once known as Justinian Prima, built by emperor Justinian in 530. A.D. Life in this town lasted from VI to VII century, when it was abandoned at the time of Avro-Slavic destroying. ... Full story

Roman Paths - Serbia historical tour, 12 days / 11 nights

Explore the remnants of the Roman Empire in Serbia. The Roman Paths tour features the best of the ancient Empire as it winds through glorious cities, intriguing monasteries and majestic ruins. Follow the Roman path and watch as history unfolds before your eyes! ... Full story

Culture, Fun and Joy Tour - 5 days / 4 nights, from 128 EUR

Program: Find out why Serbia is becoming a number one destination in Balkan. Take a trip around Serbia, try what You’ve never tried before, see what You’ve never seen before. Dance till the early morning hours on unforgettable Belgrade discotheques. Have the unique opportunity to see the Serbian candidate for ’seven wonders of the world’. Don’t forget to try the best specialties from the grill in southern Serbia. Prepare all Your senses only for enjoyment. Make the memories that will bring You back to Serbia. ... Full story

Paths Of Excitement - 5 days / 4 nights, from 129 EUR

Program: This 5-days- program is an opportunity to see and enjoy in northern part of Vojvodina. To relax yourself by the Palic lake and to acquaint with the spirit of Austro-Hungarian spirit in town of Subotica. Take a trip through the Serbia, from the north to the south and meet the people with open hearts and pure soul. Try what You’ve never tried before, see what You’ve never seen before. Prepare all Your senses only for enjoyment. ... Full story

Journey To Remember - 6 days / 5 nights, from 179 EUR

Program: Beautiful plains of Vojvodina region welcomes to accommodate You in unique and typical atmosphere. Then, take a tour to the east and explore the wild and unspoiled nature in eastern Serbia. Visit the most famous cave in Serbia and see the foundations of medieval Serbia. For the end of your journey, enjoy in the spirit of orient on the very south of Serbia. ... Full story

Serbia You Will Adore - 6 days / 5 nights, from 153 EUR

Program: Travel and discover the treasures on the roads of Serbia. Northern parts of Serbia, beautiful plains of Vojvodina region welcomes to accommodate You in unique and typical atmosphere and to show You all the things that they are proud of. Be sure that you will taste the best food and drink the best wine. After that, take a trip to the south and experience the spirit of real Balkan metropolis, Belgrade will show You how. Explore the ancient times and discover the wild nature beauty in southern parts of our country. At the end, enjoy in the spirit of orient on the very south of Serbia. ... Full story

Where The Magic Begins - 7 days / 6 nights, from 208 EUR

Prepare yourself for a real adventure. In seven days You will have the chance to discover undiscovered. North of Vojvodina will show You the spirit of former Austro-Hungarian lifestyle, will accommodate you in beautiful atmosphere of salas farms, will give You the opportunity to taste something completely new for You. The wild beauty of center of Serbia will leave You breathless. We offer you caves and waterfalls, prettiest in Europe. Feel the peace and serenity inside the most important monasteries for Serbian history. Mix Your emotions and impressions from north with hot atmosphere of orient Serbia on the south. Unforgettable journey through Serbia that will stay in Your heart and memory. ... Full story

Plains, mountains and wonders of Serbia - 7 days / 6 nights, from 223 EUR

Program: Seven-days holiday in beautiful Serbia. A real adventure that guides you across the plains and mountains. In this seven days you will have the chance to discover undiscovered and relax yourself on the most popular mountain in Serbia – National park Kopaonik. Follow the traces of the ancient Rome and see the natural wonder in the Devil's Town. ... Full story

Ancient towns, Ancient wine - 7 days / 6 nights, from 196 EUR

Program: Program of seven days. Each day for something different. First, traditional food, then the quality wine and after that, the traces of the past, laying down in the east of Serbia. magnificent and important archaeological sites, worth of visiting. Come and enjoy. ... Full story

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