Cave explorating

There are a few who with certainty can tell how many caves are in Serbia, and the numbers of those that are explored are not large. Classic cave tours are included visiting of few most popular: Resavska, Rajkova i Zlotska in eastern Serbia and Potpecka near Zlatibor Mountain. But there are more than 150 unexplored caves that waits to bee explored. ... Full story

Ceremosnja Cave

Ceremosnja Cave represents one of the most beautiful caves in our country. It is explored, adapted and put to work in 1980. This cave is located at the very bottom of Homolj Mountain, 15km from Kucevo. ... Full story

Resavska Cave

Resavska Cave is located near Divljakovac, at the 455m above the sea level, in the hill called Babina Glava. The cave was discovered in 1962, and was opened for public 10 years later. At the moment, only about 4.5km of the cave are explored, and there is an 800m long path created for visitors. ... Full story

Zlot Caves

There are many important sites near the village of Zlot - especially important are the caves of Lazareva, Vernjikica, Vodena, Mandina, Hajducica and Stojkova Ledenica. All these objects are known as the Zlot Caves or the Caves of Zlot. ... Full story

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