Discover the Balkans through legacy and memories of the World War One

Magelan Travel invites you to discover how the First World War has started! We take you on a journey where you will meet the Balkans from another angle, the legacy of the First World War, centennial anniversary of the start of this historic conflict. ... Full story

City Survival - dynamic sightseeing in Belgrade or Novi Sad

This program presents our capital (Belgrade or Novi Sad) in a unique, interactive and playful way. The program is suited for both smaller and bigger groups. Time: from 2 ½ hours to 1 day. Our guests will get to know Belgrade in a special, funny way. Getting interesting knowledge about Belgrades secrets, sights, beauties, culture, architecture. ... Full story

Belgrade tours

GUARANTEED DEPARTURE SIGHTSEEING AND EXCURSIONS - for individualsWalking Tour Belgrade The Circle Of Tramcar No.2. Belgrade Besides The Rivers On Bicycle Vojvodina´s TourBELGRADE TOURS - for groupsSightseeing of ... Full story

Guaranteed Departure - Walking Tour Belgrade

Get to know the cool city of Belgrade on this comprehensive two-hour walking tour with our knowledgeable guide. This tour is perfect if you have limited time in Belgrade, the City of good vibrations. Time of departure: Fridays - 5 PM, Saturdays - 10 AM; Duration: 2 hours; Price: 15,99 € ... Full story

Guaranteed Departure - The Circle Of Tramcar No.2.

Join us on an exciting tram car tour. We will make a circle using public transport with several hop offs to see the famous sights and hop ons to mingle with the Belgraders. Experience real life in Belgrade and its downtown. Time of departure: 5 PM, Saturdays; Duration: 2 hours; Price: 16,99 € ... Full story

Guaranteed Departure - Vojvodina´s Tour

As you move upstream the Danube River, this trip will reveal Vojvodina, the northern Serbian province, which distinguishes from the rest of Serbia. This tour will remind you of the importance of Danube through history, as it was mostly the border between great civilizations and the place where many battles took place in order for Christians to defend the Europe. Time of departure: 9:30 AM, Saturdays; Duration: 9 hours; Price: 49 € ... Full story

Sightseeing of Belgrade

Take a part on a guided tour through the center of Belgrade with one of our guides. Walking tour is the best way almost all famous sites of the capital. ... Full story

Sightseeing of Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan Park

Enjoy the walking tour through Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan Park, experience their monumental proportions, and find out why they are the most important cultural and historical complex in Belgrade. ... Full story

Food, Wine and Culture On The Roads Of Serbia - 4 days / 3 nights, from 108 EUR

Program: Spend four incredible days, enjoying in all the charms of Serbia. Breathe the beauty of Vojvodina plain-relax on the salas farm, drink the wine served on all European courts, walk the metropolis and experience the best nightlife in whole Balkan, feel the heat of southern Serbia. We guarantee You the best time. Take the best pictures in Your heart and we are sure that You’ll be back. ... Full story

Culture, Fun and Joy Tour - 5 days / 4 nights, from 128 EUR

Program: Find out why Serbia is becoming a number one destination in Balkan. Take a trip around Serbia, try what You’ve never tried before, see what You’ve never seen before. Dance till the early morning hours on unforgettable Belgrade discotheques. Have the unique opportunity to see the Serbian candidate for ’seven wonders of the world’. Don’t forget to try the best specialties from the grill in southern Serbia. Prepare all Your senses only for enjoyment. Make the memories that will bring You back to Serbia. ... Full story

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