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Trajan Table (around 100 A.D.)

Trajan Table (around 100 A.D.), that is located on natural, almost vertical rock, high above the level of Danube river, near Kladovo, was raised by Roman Emperor Trajan. This is a commemorative sign written in Latin, like a testimony of completed work on building of Roman military road through canyon of Danube.

Diana (the end of I century)

Diana (the end of I century), near Kladovo, fortress raised on the rocky cliff of Danube river, during the Emperor Trajan, presents one of the biggest and most preserved roman fortresses (castrums) on Danube.

Viminacium - from I to XIX century

Remains of Viminacium (I - XIX century), near Smederevo, former Roman town and military camp, presents the worlds jewel and one of the most significant archaeological sites in Southeastern Europe. ... Full story

Archeological site - Sirmium

Sremska Mitrovica, a town standing on the site of Sirmium, the capital of the Roman Empire at one time, lies south of the Fruska Gora, on the bank of the Sava, the biggest tributary to the Danube in Serbia. Large scale excavations have been undertaken here in order to unearth the remains of its former splendor. ... Full story

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