Novi Sad tours

Wine & Sands Tour - 2 days

You will spend two days in Vrsac - city of wine, culture and sport. In Vrsac you will take a tour through the city center and visit the cultural importance – Vrsac Tower, “Pharmacy on stairs” – museum and gallery with exhibition “from the history of health culture”, Orthodox church and Roman Catholic Church. ... Full story

Excursion to Palic Lake - 2 days

Travel to the northern province of Serbia called Vojvodina, City of Subotica and Palic Lake popular place as a tourist destination. Take a walk with our guide beside the lake, or if you prefer a bike ride, we can arrange that as well. ... Full story

Djerdap Tour - 2 days

During this trip, way leads you along the flow of Danube - the river that unites. Enjoy in beautiful view to Djerdap Cliff, also called The Iron Gate of Europe. This beautiful nature wonder is one of the biggest gorges in Europe trough which the ancient Panonian See has floated. You will visit Golubac, a town where Danube is 6 km wide and for that reason called “Serbian sea”. ... Full story

Sargan 8 Tour - 2 days

During this two days tour you will enjoy in beautiful nature of Mountain Tara and Zlatibor. You will have opportunity to travel by “Sargan Eight" - the famous narrow gauge railway in the form of number eight. The railway passes through interesting landscapes and bridging the difference in altitude from 300 m through a combination of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and curbs. ... Full story

Devil's Town Tour - 2 days

If you are in Serbia do not miss the opportunity to visit Devil’s Town, one of the candidates for the Seven World Wonders. Djavolja varos (Devil’s Town), place with unusual name and appearance. Visit to this nature site, famous for 2 rare phenomena: earthen figure - specific relief forms with different shapes, and after two springs of mineral water with high mineralization. ... Full story

Wine & Roman UNESCO Tour - 2 days

During this trip you will have opportunity to discover East Serbia. Visit to the Late Roman fortified palace compound and memorial complex of Gamzigrad - Romuliana, Palace of Galerius, in the east of Serbia, commissioned by Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus, in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries. ... Full story

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