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Serbia Toward East walking tour - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 15 days / 14 nights

Serbia Toward East walking tour - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 15 days / 14 nights

You will walk on the tracks of history, in wrought through centuries in region of Serbia on the east of Balkan. The God granted to this area, wild and beautiful nature, mythic and gnostic, with the people that lives nowadays on the way, in connection with nature, along with rituals that exists today and impounds with its beauty.

1. day Belgrade - Smederevo - Viminacijum - Ram Lederete - Golubac - Monastery Tumane - Mountain North - Kucaj Kucevo (L)
Departure from Belgrade. Visit to Smederevo fortress on the mouth of river Jezava to Danube river. This greatest medieval monument in Serbia presents the biggest fortress, plain type in Europe, that was raised by the last Serbian ruler in 1430. Visit to remains of Roman city Viminacium from the I century a.c. Visit to Ram fortress on Danube, raised by turkish sultan Bajazit II in 1483. Near the fortress, are situated the remains of Roman fortress Lederete from I century a.c. panoramic ride along Srebrno Lake. Visit to fortress Golubacki grad, raised in 1335. Visit to monastery Tumane , built in 1388. Walking tour on masiff North Kucaj, from monastery Tuman, with raise on Tuman Crni vrh (591m), to place Rakova bara, in lenght of 8km, with raise of 400m, and slopes of 350m. Estimated walk is 2 hours. Accommodation and overnight in a hotel.

2. day Cave Duboka - Rusalje - Majdanpek - Rajkova Cave Mountain Starica - Donji Milanovac (D)
Visit to cave Duboka in the village Duboka, on the masiff North Kucaj, 10km far from Kucevo city. Departure to Majdanpek town, where one of the biggest gold mines in Europe, is located. Visit to Rajkova cave.

Walking tour from the cave with raise on mountain Starac (796m), in length of 10km, with raise of 300m, and slopes of 400m. Estimated walk is 4 hours. Departure to place Gornji Milanovac, located on the Danube coast in Djerdap canyon. Visit to archaeological sight Lepenski vir, from Neolite. Dinner in ethno restaurant in Donji Milanovac, Accommodation and overnight in a hotel.

3. day Day Djerdapska klisura - Kazan - Vidikovac Ploce - Mountain Miroc (L)
Bus driving downstream to the narowest part of Danube canyon Velika Klisura (wide around 150m, and deep around 90m). In this part of canyon, visible only from river, is located tha famous Trajan table, placed by Roman emperor Trajan in 103. Walking tour with raise to lookout Ploče. Continuation of walking over masiff Miroč Mountain, and raise on the peak mali Strbac (626m). Continuation and slope on Danube till location Golo brdo. The total walking is around 18km with raise of 550m and slope of 400m. Estimated walking is 6 hours. In agreement with the group, optional visit to Djerdap hydroelectric power station, and boat driving through Kazan, near Trajan table. Overnight in hotel in Donji Milanovac.

Optional for dinner:
option 1: in fish restaurant in Tekija
option 2: in fisherman village on Danube coast

4. day Canyon of Vratina River - Vratnjanske kapije - Negotin - Rajacke Pivnice - Gamzigradska Spa (D)
Bus driving over Klokoćevca and Stubik till the place called Vratna. Walking tour and visit to Vratnjanska gate. As we pass along, visit to monastery Vratna from XIV century, and passing through mouflon shooting. The total walking is around 6 km, with raise of 100m, and slope of 100m. Estimated walking is around 2 hours. Visit to Negotin. Visit and wine tasting of famous domestic wines in famous wine cellars Rajacke pimnice, 30km far from Negotin, on the border with Bulgaria. Departure to Zajecar and Gamzigrad Spa, 11km far from Zaječar, in the vallue of Crni Timok river. Accommodation and overnight in a hotel.

5. day Bogovinska Cave - Mountain Malinik - Lazarev Canyon - Zlotske Cave - Gamzigradska Spa (L)
Bus driving till bogovine on South Kucaj Mountain and visit to Bogovinska cave, that abounds cave jewel, and where the Bogovinska river runs through. Departure to Zlot, located on the slopes of Malinik Mountain.

Walking tour on the Malinik Mountain, till lookout, over canyon of Lazareva river and canyon Demizlok. Total walking is around 16km, with raise of 650m and slope of 650m. Estimated walking is around 6 hours.
Visit to Zlot caves: Lazareva and cave Vernjikica. Overnight in the hotel.

6. day Romulijana - Zajecar - Mountain -Tupiznica - Knjazevac - Babin Zub (D)
Visit to Roman town Romuliana near Zajecar. Town Felix Romuliana was raised by Roman emperor Galerije, at the end of III century a.c. Departure to Tupiznica Mountain, towards Knjazevac city.

Walking tour with raise to Glogovac peak (1160m), with visit to lookout Lasovacki rock and cave Ledenica. Total walk is around 16km, with raise of around 800m, and slope of around 800m. Estimated walking is 6 hours.
Departure over Knjazevac, to site Babin zub on the Stara Mountain. Stara Mountain is a masiff that spreads through Bulgaria and Serbia. Accommodation and overnight in a hotel.

7. day Stara mountain - Peak of Serbia Midzor - Babin Zub (L)
Walking tour with raise on the highest peak of Serbia Midžor (2170m). In return, raise on the peak Babin zub (1758m). Total walking is 16 km, with raise of 600m to Midzor and slope of 600m to Markove livade (1545m), and again raise and slope to Babin zub of 200m. Estimated walking is around 6 hours. Overnight in a hotel.

8. day Babin Zub - Topli Dol - Waterfall piski Skok - Temac - Pirot - Zvonacka Spa (D)
Walking tour with slope from Babin zub towards the village Topli dol. Total walking is around 12km, with upper-air difference of 900m. Estimated walking is around 4 hours.

Visit to rustic and ancient village Topli dol. Walking tour till waterfall Piski skok (400m) in the willdness of Stara Mountain and return to village. Total walking is around 10km, with raise and slope of around 400m. Estimated walking is around 3 hours. Bus driving towards Pirot, with visit to monastery Temska from the XVI century. Driving through town Pirot, famous for old carpets, jewely and pottery. Accommodation and overnight in a hotel or households.

9. day Zvonacka Spa - Canyon Of Jerma River - Monastery Poganovo (D)
Walking tour over canyon of jerma river, with raise on the peak Vlaska Mountain (1442m). Departure to lookout over the canyon (around 1000m), slope to river in the canyon and departure to middle part of the canyon, where the monastery Poganovo is located. Total walking is around 25km, with raise of 800m and slope of 800m. Estimated walking is around 9 hours.
Visit to monatsrey Poganovo from 1395. Return by bus to spa. Walking in vicinity of Zvonacka spa. This spa is a famous Nature Reserve, where nestles the golden eagle, on the rock Asanovo kale (1033m) above spa. Overnight in a hotel.

10. day Zvonacka Spa - Dimitrovgrad - Stara Mountain - Jepp driving and horseriding (L)
Visit to Dimitrovgrad, old town on the border with Bulgaria. Visit to the part of Stara Mountain, called Visok, through whitch the Visocica river runs.
Walking tour: Combination of walking, jepp driving or horse riding, in area of Stara Mountain from Žabrdalj till Zavojsko lake. Estimated walking and staying in nature is around 8 hours. In the afternoon, departure towards Nis. Accommodation and overnight in Sićevo or in Spa.

11. day Sicevo - Canyon of Jelasnica - Suva Mountain (L)
Round trip of river jelasnica canyon. Bus driving on Suva mountain and site Bojanine vode. Walking tour with raise on one of the peaks Mosor (984m) or Trem (1809m), dependence of the group.

Walking tour on Mosar, that is around 7km long, with raise and slope of 120m, with estimated time of 2 hours. Walking tour on Trem, 20km long, with raise and slope of 960m, and estimated time of 6 hours.
Overnight in Sicevo or in spa.

12. day Prekonoska Cave - Svrljig - Canyon of Svrljiski Timok River - Cave Samar (Prerast) - Soko Spa Rtanj (D)
Bus driving towards Svrljig and visit to Prekonoska cave on the Svrljiske Mountain. Round trip of atractive canyon of Svrljiski Timok river.
Walking tour with raise on the ower Svrljig. Total walking is around 1km, with raise of 100m. Estimated time for walking is around 1 hour.
Return to Svrljig. Lunch in a restaurant. Departure to Aleksinac with round trip of Milutinova cave.

Walking tour to prerast Samar, situated on the other side of Milutinova cave. Visit to Soko spa, and to old fortress Soko Town. Departure to motel below Rtanj mountain. Accommodation and overnight.

13. day Rtanj - Mountain Rtanj - Peak Siljak (D)
Walking tour with raise on the mountain Rtanj - peak Siljak (1565m). Total walking is around 16km with raise of 600m, and slope of 600m. Estimated time for walking is around 6 hours. Free time and overnight in atractive motel.

14. day Return to Belgrade (D)
Depending of air-plain departure on 15th day, possible stops and visits to monastery Ravanica, Resavska cave, monastery Manasija and other sights. Belgrade sightseeing with local guide, and round trip of bohemian quart Skadarlija.

15. day Belgrade Airport
Breakfast. Transfer to airport. The end of the program.

Price includes:

  • transfers according to the program
  • 1BB in hotel in Kucevo, 2 BB in hotel in Donji Milanovac, 2 BB in hotel in Gamzigradska Spa, 2 BB on Stara Mountain, 2 BB in motel in Sicevo, 2 BB in motel on Rtanj, 1 BB in 3* hotel in Belgrade
  • 6 x lunch (day 1, day 3, day 5, day 7, day 10, day 11)
  • 8 x dinner (day 2, day 4, day 6, day 8, day 9, day 12, dday 13, day 14)
  • wine tasting (day 4)
  • jeep driving and horse riding (day 10)
  • Entrance tickets (Viminacium, Duboka Cave, Rajkova Cave, Lepenski Vir, Bogovin cave, Zlot Cave, Felix Romuliana, Prekonoska Cave, Samar Cave, Resava Cave)
  • licensed guides

Price does not include:

  • flight to/from Belgrade
  • other costs not offered in the program

(B) - breakfast
(L) - lunch
(D) - dinner

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