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Balkan Triangle hiking tour - Walking / hiking tour in Serbia, 15 days / 14 nights

Tara Mountain Tara Mountain

The Balkan region is full of intrigue and abounds with stunning natural beauty. Nowhere is it more evident than in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The three countries share a common heritage and history, similar customs and hospitable people. Explore this wondrous trio and discover an otherworldly beauty.

Wild, beautiful, hospitable, there is no place like the Balkans. This tour is packed with opportunities to hike, walk, swim, raft and enjoy delectable local cuisine.

Day 1. Belgrade (D) (cca 65 km)
Arrival to airport – special meet and assist. Lunch. Sightseeing tour of the city, visit to the Kalemegdan fortress, primary built by Celts in the third century. Republica Square, Knez Mihailova Street, Belgrade's main pedestrian zone. Terazije, Parliament and St. Sava Church. Accommodation. Dinner in a traditional restaurant on Skadarlija Street. Overnight.

Day 2. Belgrade – Medvednik Mountain – Valjevo (D) (cca 65km)
Depart from Belgrade. Driving tour through Valjevo, Pricevic village, Stave to Drenajic village, which is located in the very heart of Serbia. WALKING TOUR of Kedina Water spring and Vojinova Rock lookout, with a beautiful view of Tornicka Bobija Mountain and hike to Medvednik (1244m) Mountain, which resembles a lying bear; 16km in length and an incline of 900m. Estimated walking time is 7 hours. Late lunch – dinner in the Plandiste meadow– home made food – lamb or roasted pig, homemade cheese, cream, bread, and sljivovica brandy. Return to Valjevo, the center of the Kolubara region. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 3. Valjevo –Tresnjica River Canyon – Ljubovija – Perucac (BD) (cca 20km)
Bus ride to Debelo Brdo Ridge on Povlen Mountain near Pasna Rava. WALKING TOUR of Tresnjica River Canyon, starting at the spring and ending at the Drina River. A challenging walk along the river that features incredibly beautiful terrain. The canyon is the natural habitat for 14 pairs of white vultures. Total walking distance is 8km, with an incline of 800m. Estimated walking time is 12 hours. Departure by bus at the Drina River, upstream to Bajina Basta and Perucac. Dinner in a restaurant at Perucac Waterfall, near the Vrelo-Godina (365m) River. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 4. Perucac – Tara Mountain: Predov Krst – Zvijezda Mountain – Veliki Stolac (BD) (cca 70km)
Bus ride to the locality Predov krst (1080m) on Tara Mountain. This beautiful plateau features a mountain house, where hikers begin walking tours of the Tara and Zvijezda mountains. WALKING TOUR of Zvijezda Mountain’s highest peak: Veliki Stolac (1673m), with a beautiful view on Tara Mountain, Zlatibor Mountain and the Bosnian mountain range just across the Drina River. Total walking tour is 15km, with an incline of 600m. Estimated walking time is 6 hours. Late lunch – dinner of deer goulash on Predov Krst – deer goulash. Overnight.

Day 5. Perucac – Drina Lake: rafting – Grlac Canyon (B)
Rafting on Drina Lake starting at Bajina Basta and ending at Dolovo, the canyon that divides the Tara and Zvijezda mountains and marks the border between Serbia and Bosnia (around 20km). A scenic drive featuring the jagged rocks of the Drina River Canyon and the Tara mountain ridge. WALKING TOUR through the narrow Grlac Canyon, which begins and ends at Zobe Lokvice Lake. Total walking distance is 6km, with an incline of 500m. Estimated walking time is 4 hours. Relax, have fun and swim! See the incredible fish of Dzanici, located near Drina Lake and Gradac Canyon. Overnight.

Day 6. Tara Mountain: Kozja Stena – Zaovine Lake – Canyon of Beli Rzav – Mokra Gora (BD) (cca 90km)
Bus ride to the locality of Mitrovac at Tara Mountain. WALKING TOUR with a view of Kozja Stena, located 1100 m above Drina Lake. The ride features a beautiful view of the Drina Lake and the shores of Bajina Basta. Total walking distance is 10 km, with an incline of 100m. Estimated walking time is 4 hours. Bus ride to Zaovine Lake on Tara Mountain. The lake produces hydroelectric power for Bajina Basta. WALKING TOUR beginning at the shores of the lake and featuring Spajici Lake, the Beli Rzav Canyon, Polom and Ostrelj. The walk ends at Krsanje, near Mokra Gora. Total walking distance is 15km, with an incline of 200m. Estimated walking time is 5 hours. Visit to the 13th century Krsanje monastery. Accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 7. Mokra Gora – Sargan Eight – Mecavnik – Kremna – Mokra Gora (BD) (cca 35 km)
Ride the famous Sargan Eight train, which follows a narrow figure eight path. WALKING TOUR featuring the Bela Voda – ladne vode – Jatarice spa nestled in the Kamesina River Canyon. The Bele Vode spring has some of the most therapeutic waters in the world. The walking tour is 4 km and lasts one hour. Visit Kremna monastery and the Tarabici Prophecys memorial house. Presentation of home made food and customs in a farmhouse in the village of Mokra Gora.

Day 8. Sargan Eight – Waterfall Skakavac – Dobrun – Visegrad – Tjentiste (BD) (cca 115 km)
WALKING TOUR of Brezovica (1015m), one of the peaks of Sargan. Brezovica towers over Mokra Gora and the Kamesina River Canyon. The walk features the Veliki Skakavac waterfall. Total walking distance is 15km, with a 300m incline and an altitude of 450km. Estimated walking time is 6 hours. Bus ride to Bosnia and visit Dobrun monastery. Sightseeing in Visegrad and the famous bridge over the Drina River. Late lunch. Drive to Gorazde, Foca and the Tjentiste National Park, located in the basin below Zelengora Mountain. Accommodation in Tjentište. Overnight.

Day 9. Tjentiste – Dragos Sedlo – Perucica – Prijevor – Trnovacko Lake - Tjentiste (BD) (cca 60km)
Bus ride to the Dragos Sedlo overview, featuring a beautiful view of the Perucica forest and the 84 m Skakavac Waterfall, the largest in Europe. Drive to Prijevor (1668m), which features a view of the Volujak, Zelengora and Maglic mountains and the Perucica forest. WALKING TOUR of Suva Jezerina (1317m) and the Perucica forest. The elevation gradually rises toward Trnovacka Lake (1517m) and features a view of Trnovacki Durmitor Mountain’s Maglic (2386m) Peak, the highest in Bosnia. Take a short break for a swim in the lake. Total walking distance is 8km, with an incline of 550m. Return through Suva Jezerina and Perucica, Europe’s only rain forest. Perucica is a national park that features 4000 plant species, 10% of which are endemic. Total walking distance is 18km, with an incline of 400m. Estimated walking time is approximately 6 hours. Overnight.

Day 10. Tjentiste – Zelengora Mountain – Tara River (BD) (cca 60km)
WALKING TOUR of one of the peaks of Zelengora – Planinica (1724m), featuring stops near Donje and Gornje Bare. Beautiful view of the Sutjeska – Vratar River Canyon and the Maglic and Volujak mountains. Total walking distance approximately is 15km, with an incline of 400m. Estimated walking time is 6 hours. Leave Tjentiste and depart for the Drina River. Camp and whitewater rafting on the Tara. Camp overnight.

Day 11. Rafting on the Tara River (BD)
Breakfast. Jeep ride to the rafting site. All participants will receive wetsuits and a life vest and will actively participate in rafting. We will raft a 20k stretch, which features the best waterfalls and rapids on the Tara. We will scream with delight on the most exhilarating parts of the rapids and take short breaks on beautiful small beaches for photo opportunities. Camp overnight.

Day 12. Scepan Polje – Durmitor Mountain (BD) (cca 90km)
Breakfast. Depart for the small town of Žabljak (1456 m). Drive along the canyon and stop on the Djurdjevića Tara bridge (154 m) of, one of the highest ever constructed in Europe. Stroll along the Crno Jezero (Black Lake) (1418 m). This lake is the pearl of Durmitor and is the second largest mountain lake in Montenegro. It is nestled beneath the Medjed (Big Bear) Mountain and surrounded by thick conifer woods. We will walk to one of the lookout points, which feature amazing views of the Tara Canyon and Obzir Mountain. Dinner by the lake featuring regional specialties. Dinner and overnight in Durmitor, either in a hotel or in well-equipped mountain cabins.

Day 13 . Durmitor Mountain – Black Lake – Ledena - Ice Cave (BD)
Breakfast. Walk to Zminje Lake (Snake Lake) and Crvene Stene (Red Rock). Walk through the woods around Crno Lake (1470 m) to the Medjed (2280 m) mountain peak. Here, there is a beautiful view of the lakes and an opportunity to swim. Total walking time is approximately 6 hours. Overnight in Durmitor.

Day 14. Durmitor (BD)
Option 1: Transfer from Žabljak to Šarban Spring (23 km), along the Komarnica River. Ascend the Zeleni Vir (Green Swirl) (2028 m) Mountain ridge, where there is also a small lake. From here, continue to the lookout points at Velika Previja (Big Ridge) and Škrčki Pogled (Škrčki View) and finally to Bobotov Peak, Durmitor's highest peak, at 2522 m above sea level. This path has an incline of 817 m, is 5 km long, and takes 3 hours. Return is via the Big Ridge, Valoviti Do (Wave Valley) and the Ice Cave to Black Lake (5 hours and 30 minutes, incline of 1100 m incline, 9 km in length). This is a very popular group tour for travelers in good physical condition. There are plenty of paths however for more recreational walks.

Option 2: Walk to Black Lake (1417 m) over Mioć Field (1560 m), the peaks of Struga (1919 m), from Small Bear (2170) to Big Bear (2288 m) at an incline of 871 m, ascending for 3 ¼ hours and descending for 3 ½ hours. This is a challenging 7 ½ hike through forests, which is ideal during warm weather.

Day 15. Zabljak - Podgorica (B) (cca 97km)
Breakfast. Transfer from hotel to airport.

Price for groups (per person in double room)

6 pax 14pax 20pax 35pax
1422 € 1081 € 1005 € 896 €

supplement for 1/1 - 120 €

Price includes:
•    Transfers according to the program (sometimes by bus, jeep or, for short drives, by taxi)
•    1 BB in 4* hotel in Belgrade,1BB in 3* hotel in Valjevo or Divcibare, 3BB inhotels on Perucac Lake, 2 BB in hotel on Mokra Gora, 2BB in hotel in Tjentiste, 2 FB tents on (Tara River), 3 BB in hotel on Zabljak (Durmitor Mountain)
•    12 x Lunch according to the program (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8, day 9, day 12, day 13, day 14)
•    12 x Dinner according to the program (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8, day 9, day 12, day 13, day 14)
•    Rafting on Tara River plus equipment (day 11)
•    Entrance fee (Ethno village Mecavnik, Sargan eight, National Park Biogradska gora, National Park Durmitor, Lovcen and mausoleum, Cetinje)
•    Local guides on mountain paths
•    Permanent guide, group retainer

This price does not include:
•  Flight to Belgrade
•  Other costs not offered in this program

(B) = Breakfast
(L) = Lunch
(D) = Dinner

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