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Top 5 sightseeing tours in Belgrade

Top 5 sightseeing tours in Belgrade

With its 1.8 million inhabitants, Cyrillic alphabet street signs, old and new parts mixed together, two rivers and, of course, occasional traffic jams, Belgrade is sometimes hard to fully enjoy without a bit of help from locals. Whether you want to get a glimpse of what this city is all about, or you want to sink your teeth deeper into its tourist and gastronomical offer here are five suggestions of tried and tested sightseeing tours of Serbian capital.

1. Panoramic Sightseeing in an Open-Air Bus

This leisurely bus tour is a perfect opportunity to get a general overview of Belgrade, its center and surrounding areas, its contrasts of new and old. You get to see the governmental quarter with the bombed out buildings, a bit of modernist New Belgrade, a glimpse of the affluent quarter where the mausoleum of President Tito as well as one of the best perspectives on Belgrade’s Fortress. Actually, for those who are not great walkers or have been spending their time only in the inner city this sightseeing is a must. On sunny days, which abound in Belgrade, the tour becomes a real treat.




2. City Center Walking Tour  

First things first! If you want to get your abc of Belgrade, a grip of what’s where in its city center as well as an introduction to its history, this is a tour for you. Starting from its central square, you will walk past some of its most iconic monuments right to the very heart of the city – to the Belgrade Fortress. By now familiar with its past, you will continue through the picturesque Dorćol to the vibrant Skadarlija, awash with national cuisine restaurants.


3. Belgrade’s Rivers

If there is one thing that is quintessentially Belgrade it would have to be Belgrade’s two rivers, Sava and the Danube. No visit to the Serbian capital is complete without a taste of life on its waterways, without a closer look to its riverbanks, boats, barges, river islands and thickets. Not to mention the ever changing panoramic views of the Belgrade Fortress and Gardoš Hill in Zemun! So, take your seat, prepare your camera, order something to sip or nibble on and enjoy a novel side of Belgrade.

4. Serbian Rakija Tour

Any visit to Belgrade without trying Serbian national drink rakija would make it utterly incomplete. Rakija, Serbian eau de vie made from various fruits, is irrefutably tied to Serbian culture and history. This tour combines a guided walk through the city centre and the fortress with a visit to Rakija Bar, a cozy little venue where you will try five different sorts of rakija accompanied by assorted snacks. Expect the unexpected as you sail through smells and aromas of aged šljivovica (plum), tempting dunjevača (quince) or sweet kajsijevača (apricot), to name just a few.

5. Underground Secrets of Belgrade

A city of such rich history as Belgrade has to have a side that cannot be seen from the surface, where one has to dive in the cold and darkness under earth’s surface. On this tour you will experience some of city’s underground sights from a Cold War hideout in the citadel, via an imposing Habsburg cistern and a gunpowder magazine carved in rock (and now full of Roman tombstones!), to the cellars of 19th century wine merchants. Since all of this is to be found in the very city center you there will be a few stories about its monuments which see the light of day.


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