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Top destinations in Serbia

Top 10 Natural Sights of Serbia

Staying in the Serbian capital Belgrade you won’t think much of country’s nature. Seemingly, the north is flat and dull, while to the south rise a few hills and squat mountains. Yet, the northern flatland is traversed by large rivers and in a few places the old forests and swamps teeming with wildlife have survived the rapid development of the last two centuries. Likewise, the south is much more interesting than it might seem at the first glance: as you move southwards mountains get higher and wilder with many caverns and gorges in and around them. ... Full story

Top Destinations in Serbia - Google map

Google map with all top destinations in Serbia: Wine roads, Castles, Archeological sites, Nature reserves, Camping sites, Rafting sites, Monasteries, Wonders of nature, Ski centers, and more... ... Full story

Belgrade - Kalemegdan fortress

Human kind had always tended to raise habitats along rivers, in order to fully exploit ever-important water routes. And right here, at the foot of ... Full story

Novi Sad - Small town with big heart

City of Novi Sad, dynamic and nostalgic, is home to many different nationalities, religions and languages and has successfully preserved the way of life in ... Full story

Sremski Karlovci

This town of great historic significance for Serbia, is tucked beneath Mt. Fruška Gora and right by river Danube banks. Whichever town part you visit, you will stumble upon evidence of unexplored history, and places reminiscent us of times gone by. Town's core has retained much of its original baroque architecture, stretching back from 17th century to more recent times. ... Full story

Subotica - Palic

This museum-city will delight you with its charm. It emerged in the middle of the spacious Pannonian plain, between the major watercourses of the Danube ... Full story

Kastel Ečka

  Ečka Castle, built in English style, on which opening played the famous Franz Liszt, is now converted into a facility that will provide you with ... Full story

Fantast Castle

In the vast Vojvodina plain there is a castle of marvelous beauty that hides the fate of many families, their rises and falls, ups and downs, love and hate. ... Full story

National Park Fruska Gora

Mountain Fruska Gora is famous for the presence of a large number (approximately 700) of medicinal plants. In the flat Vojvodina it rises above the settlements ... Full story

Sremska Mitrovica (Sirmium)

  One of the four Roman Empire capitals in the 4th century BC, place of birth and residential premises of ten Roman emperors. It is founded on ... Full story

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