Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci Sremski Karlovci

This town of great historic significance for Serbia, is tucked beneath Mt. Fruška Gora and right by river Danube banks. Whichever town part you visit, you will stumble upon evidence of unexplored history, and places reminiscent us of times gone by. Town's core has retained much of its original baroque architecture, stretching back from 17th century to more recent times.

Sremski Karlovci is considered as cradle of Serbian culture, spirituality and education - testimonies for which are found in first Serbian high school and the first Serbian here. Some major historic events took place here, which were significant both for Serbia but Europe as well - visit the Chapel of Peace and the venue the 1699 Peace Treaty was signed between “Holy Alliance” (Austria, Poland and Venice) and Turkey, but also declaration of Serbian Vojvodina in 1848.

Still, the town of Sremski Karlovci is much more than a historic and culture sight – varied programme of events is taking place here, most frequented ones evolving around town's wine production heritage and the Karlovacko wine that lays Sremski Karlovci's claim to fame. This wine label has been regularly consumed at Vienna Royal Quarters and throughout Europe. Many say that visiting Sremski Karlovci without tasting varieties of local wine would be considered a 'Cardinal Sin'. So, do not act surprised if you happened to be held back in this town a little longer than planned...

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