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Belgrade - Kalemegdan fortress

Kalemegdan fortress Kalemegdan fortress

Human kind had always tended to raise habitats along rivers, in order to fully exploit ever-important water routes. And right here, at the foot of Kalemegdan fortress, where river Sava meets mighty Danube and on the crossroads of Central Europe, the West and the East, various cultures and ethnicites have been interacting for centuries. Known conquerors have fought here for the reign of the city through the ages: Romans, Huns, Goths, Byzantines, Austro-Hungarians, Turks ... and that is exactly why Belgrade has always stood in someone’s way - from the Neolithic times to a more recent 20th century history.

Despite such turbulent past, Belgrade remains a vibrant city with huge contrasts and distinct character. No matter how contemporary the city became and how in tune with business trends it is, regardless of the buzzing night-life and throbbing streets, Belgrade has retained own special atmosphere, specific only to itself. Belgrade is quite 'easy to feel', it has varied architecture, the old bohemian quarter Skadarlija, the modern Novi Beograd business district, rolling landscapes of the neighbouring Mt. Avala and waterways stretching from the Iron Gate to the vast Pannonia plain, as far as the view from Kalemegdan fortress can reach...

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