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Potisje region

Potisje occupies the area around the river Tisa, from the Hungarian border to the municipality of Becej. The greatest beauty and natural gift to this part of Vojvodina is the river Tisa. Communities that tend toward this beautiful river are: Coka, Novi Knezevac, Kanjiza and Senta. ... Full story

Zabalj town

The municipality of Zabalj is situated in the south of Backa, in Sajkas's region. The regional road Novi Sad - Zrenjanin passes by Zabalj.Zabalj was ... Full story

Temerin town

The municipality of Temerin is situated in Backa, in the valley of the river Jegricka, not far from the capital of Vojvodina. It is on the road Novi Sad - Senta and it is connected by motorways and railroads with Becej, Srbobran and Zrenjanin. ... Full story

Apatin town

Apatin with its surroundings has a couple of tourist localities, firstly of hunting and fishing contents of I category. For eco - safari lovers there are the following localities: Bestrement, Kupusinski Dunavac, Ciganski Dunavac and Kandljija Pesak. ... Full story

Backa Palanka town

Backa Palanka is situated on the bank of the river Danube in the southwest of Backa, 40 kilometres far away from Novi Sad. It is located by a relative busy regional road that goes along the south of Backa, from Novi Sad to Ilok. The river Danube is the greatest gift of nature to Backa Palanka. ... Full story

Šid town

Sid is situated in the southwestern part of Vojvodina, in western Srem. The highway and the railroad track Belgrade - Zagreb pass through the community. ... Full story

Salasi - Vojvodinas farms

One of the perfect places to visit in Vojvodina is a farmstead or salasi. These are located on a property outside of a village and usually includes a house and accessory buildings, stables, sheds etc. Don’t miss it. ... Full story


Zobnatica is most famous for their horse breeding tradition which they have continued for almost 200 years. Zobnatica offers horseback riding, riding school and hackney-carriage rides. ... Full story

Fantast Castle

This beautiful castle built by Bogdan Dundjerski, one of the wealthiest men in the region. Situated in an extraordinary natural environment of the Vojvodinian plain, this complex includes a small castle, horse farm, chapel and park with a pond. ... Full story

Ruma town

The municipality of Ruma is situated in Srem, 65 km west of Belgrade and 35 km from Novi Sad. It is well connected with the transportation network. Ruma is 6 km from the E-70 motorway that connects Belgrade and Zagreb, and the main road which connects Vojvodina with Sarajevo and further on with Adriatic and has north-south direction, goes by Ruma. ... Full story

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