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Fruska Gora Mountain

Fruska Gora Mountain Fruska Gora Mountain

The most popular one day tourist destination from Belgrade is a visit to the Fruska Gora Mountain, protected by the National Park of Nature. Fruska Gora Mountain has also been called The third Saint Mount because of its 17 monasteries. The fame of the wines of the Fruska Gora goes far back to the period of the Habsburg Monarchy.

This famous wine has been sipped at the Court of Vienna, throughout Europe, America and many other countries.

Our tours generally provide visits to two monasteries, or more if desired, and is combined with a visit of an ethnic exhibition or house, farmsteads, wine cellars or vineyards. Such an excursion can be combined with a tour to Sremski Karlovci as well as to the Museum of Bread in the village of Pecinci.

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