Oplenac Oplenac

Topola is located in the heart of Serbia, in Šumadije region, on thr slopes of the Oplenac hill, 85 km from Belgrade. This is the well-known historical location associated with Karadjordje, the leader of The First Serbian Insurrection against the Turks in 1804.

The sites that have been preserved in Topola are the endowment of King Petar I, which contains the church of Saint Djordje, Petar’s house, new opened Gallery (The house of vinogradar) and Karadjordje’s fortified town. All this represents a unique monument of the cultural-historical heritage of the Serbian people.

Topola offers excellent conditions for an active holiday in beautiful natural surrounding with clean air, high concentration of ozone and track paths in the park of Oplenac. We recommend you to visit Topola in spring time, when the fields are full of violets. Also, winter time, especially when is snow is good time to visit this unique place. Special times in a year when you can get to know Topola the best is in October during the Festival of grape and wine, and National folklore during which is most significant  event because you have chance to see the Exhibition of national handicraft and dancing of the bast Folklore ensembles from Balkan.

You have a possibility to choose between accommodation in Arandjelovac or some of the hotels in Šumadija.

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