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Belgrade - Capital city of Serbia

Belgrade - Capital city of Serbia

One of the oldest cities in Europe that has existed for almost twenty one centuries now. It has been the Serbian capital town for 6 centuries. It is a city of rich cultural activities like concerts, theatre performances, galleries and a city of an extraordinarily exciting and exhausting night life which ends at dawns. National restaurants, as well as the restaurants which can be compared with the most prestige in the world, and those on the ships and floats, guarantee an unforgettable experience.

The special attraction is Skadarlija , the bohemian quarter similar to the Montmartre in Paris, where the top skilled cooks do their best to bring you the best out of the Serbian cuisine, and the violin players’ orchestra will, if you wish, play just for you till the dawn comes. Skadarlija, old bohemian quarter of Belgrade, which dates from the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century .. Sometimes it was the place where the famous coffee shop was the meeting place of people with significant cultural scene of that time. Due to the unique, happy and energetic artistic atmosphere Skadarliju are often compared with Montmartre in Paris. Today, Skadarlija is tourist attraction, which is a wide range of well-known restaurants such as the Three Hats, Golden carafe and Two white doves...

Ada ciganlija is the largest and most beautiful resort in Belgrade with beautiful beaches and sports fields Ada Ciganlija is also a cultural and entertainment center of Belgrade, especially during the summer season. The most important part of Ada ciganlija resort is Sava lake witch is one of the few in Europe that are in close proximity to the center of the capital, on 3 km. The lake is 4.2 km long and 200 meters wide with depth between 4 and 6 meters. It became with filling the earth which resulted with connecting the ends of Sava island "Ada" with right coast of Sava’s branch. Ada has preserved natural resources and dynamic eco-system which presents small ecological oasis in the heart of the city. Thick deciduous forests of oak and elm was reforested with American poplar and green European ash. Environment of Sava Lake is natural habitat of many species of birds, rodents, rabbits, deer’s, foxes, and wild boars. Untouched nature covered with wild vegetation, islets and two big lakes is unique eco-system with a pleasant microclimate which is oasis of escape from the city thirst and pollution. On the banks of the lake has been made the largest metropolitan pebbly beach, and also for swimmers is, by official statistics, one of the most visited and safest lakes in Europe, on the banks are gathering up to 300,000 people, because of which were organized throughout the year constant security service, and in the bathing season an excellent rescue service. On formed river banks are situated 70 restaurants, caffes, bars of all types, that are working through out the year. Most objects are working as a cafe-restaurant during the day, and at night as a club, so that at any time you can find a type of entertainment that suits you. Beaches are pebbly, and the whole complex regulates public company, so that you always  have  at your disposal a large number of available facilities for golf, football, basketball, volleyball on beach  and concrete, rugby... One curiosity is small and fished lake next to Belgrade, where are frequently held fishing competitions. Comprehensive, the Belgrade Lake with environment is, because of the position, flora, fauna, infrastructure and a large number of events, a perfect place for relaxation, sport and entertainment for Belgraders and for many guests.

Famous American men magazine "AskMen" on the top list of cities that must not be missed in 2008. states Belgrade, as the new world capital of entertainment with the festivals which attract tourists from all over Europe, and British daily Guardian has lined Belgrade on the top list of alternative holidays, as a destination with a variety of night life that is ideal for short vacation. "Guardian" has lined Belgrade in the top places where you can hear world music in authentic atmosphere! "Lonely Planet" Magazine describe Belgrade as the No. 1 party city in the world for 2009. Visit Belgrade and check this!

Welcome to Belgrade!

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