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Salas in Vojvodina: Tourists Flock to Authentic Tradition in Preserved Serbian Farmhouses

Cvetni Salas in Vojvodina Cvetni Salas in Vojvodina

Solitary Vojvodinian farms, called salas in Serbian, are scattered throughout the Pannonian plain and offer the possibility of enjoying the old-fashioned, traditional way of life. In this day and age when cities are becoming large and uncomfortable, and full of stressful life, peaceful and quiet salas are the best refreshment for the body and soul. With an authentic look which has not changed for centuries, today salas still are an oasis of peace and represent a real tourist attraction. Not far from town, in the expanse of the plains and luxury courtyards, stands a lonely house with a garden and a well, surrounded by fields, horses, ducks and geese; a salas is a typical picture of a Vojvodinian household. A salas offers a completely different way of life because time here runs quieter, slower, healthier, and every moment is subordinated to relaxation and rest. In Serbia, they say that each experience in tourism ends with a good meal. It is on these salas the saying gets its best confirmation. The goods of the Vojvodinian plain, which are synonymous with wealth, bestow their guests with gifts like kulen (peppered saussage), šunka (ham), švargla (Vojvodinian specialty made of pork entrails), cvarci (cracklings), homemade bread and cheese, štrudla, and donuts … all this in a row, yet without any hurry. Slow food was founded in our salas. This relaxed, lightweight, hedonistic rhythm of nature and life is the main feature of Vojvodinians’ temperament.

There are many salas in Vojvodina with different tourism offers. Renovated and adapted to meet the needs of modern man, swimming pools, horse farms, sports fields and other recreational facilities, restaurants with rich gastronomic offers and tamburitsa music are all available at salas like Salas 137 near Novi Sad, or Cvetni salas in Palic, and Salas Kraljica Voća near Senta. Unique and authentic ambiance are features of Salas Kraljevska Prepelica in Doroslovo near Sombor and Salas Tiganjica near Zrenjenin. Some of their authenticity comes from the wine offered here, produced in vineyards that surround the area. Enjoy the rich Hungarian table wine from the area’s sandy soils at salas such as the Salas Hotel Vinski Dvor. At Dida Hornjakov Salas near Sombor and the Cvijin Salas near village Begeč around 20 km from Novi Sad, you will experience true authenticity of the salas where you will be served personally by heartfelt hosts who work with and live from the local agriculture with a part of the house enabled for accommodation of guests. If you want to feel the real life of traditional salas, you have the opportunity to travel by horse carriage, try horse back riding, learn about old crafts, or feed animals… and all this, of course, with first-class traditional, authentic, organic food prepared according to granny’s recipes with homemade juices, wine, and rakija (Serbian brandy) to be enjoyed with.

Now you are left with the difficult task of choosing which of these salas you’ll stay in. Some salas offer only stays during the day with the authentic ambiance of a table full with food and drinks, spiced up with the magical sounds of traditional tamburitsa music some of which are Zekin Salas in Krčedin between Belgrade and Novi Sad, Salas Debeli Lad, and Salas 84 on the road from Novi Sad to Zrenjenin. Salas, with great reason, have become one of the biggest trends in Serbian tourism. Come for a unique experience and total pleasure. Come and discover a part of Vojvodina’s rich heritage, traditions and interesting salas life!

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