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Aquastar Danube, Kladovo

Aquastar Danube, Kladovo Aquastar Danube, Kladovo

Center for relaxing and recreation located at the most beautiful beach at river Danube. Hotel has a conference room capacity up to 65 persons, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, wellness and spa center with salted water swimming pool (indoor), saunas, jacuzzi, aroma therapy, fitness machines, massage chairs, 2 shops and hairdressing saloon...

From its beginning at the mountain Schwartzwald in Germany, till its end at the Black Sea, biggest and most beatifull river in Europe is vitnness and writer of years and history. But its bigest mark of river Danube remains in "The Iron gate" most beatifull and most exciting parts of its flown to the Black sea. Exploring the Iron Gate, bigest and beautiest river canyon in Europe and same name national park, is really adventure and enjoying. Powerfull river flows, wide and deep, whos silence disturbing only whirling of water and song of birds, you must experience alive,words are uselles... In his beautiest parts Danube collects some of beautiest and most important cities and fortreses in this part of the world. Starting from famous Golubac fortress, arheological localitet Lepenski vir, tabula Traiana ,Dianna, Fethislam, all the way to the remainings of fabulous Traian's bridge.

10 km from exit of national park and canyon of "The Iron Gate", is located city of Kladovo, city faraway well knownfor its fish catchers and caviar, also for it's hospitality and welcomeness. Just next to the most beatiful beach at the river Danube, just to a shore, is located centre for relaxing and recreation, high category object, Hotel "Aquastar Danube" which with his quality program and big number of facillities ,is standing together with other objects inthis part of Europe. Surrounded by mountains of Miroc and Carpati...very close to arheological places Diana and Traian Bridge (from roman empire), fortress Fethislam (from turkian empire), and very close to the wonder of nature "Gates of Vratna" and the same name monastery...

High category object with 42 quality rooms and 9 luxury suites, which looks like the best and the best equipped staterooms in this part of the river Danube. On the 800 squaremeters is settled Spa & Wellness centre with indoor salted water swiming pool, jakuzzi, aroma bath, massage chairs, and fitness and gym machines recommended from a profesional sportists. In some of the bars and restaurants you can enjoy in some extra meals and beverages, from all arround the world, prepared by the best souschefs and bartenders in this area. Kindly personel is taking a good care of every moment spent in the hotel, so it's can be unforgetable, long lasting in your memories.

Hotel also offers recreative and turistical programs like "Healty Life", fishing, hunting and nautica. Hera are the extra conditions for congresses and seminars, because in hotel is conference room up to a 65 persons. It is also possible panoramic excursion arround the city and area, visiting culturaly and historical locations, boat ride or riding the bicycle... few days staying in this place for recreation and relaxation, will relax you so you will forget all the stress and duties that carry life of modern and sucessfull man!!!

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