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Kraljica Voća - Senta

Kraljica Voća - Senta Kraljica Voća - Senta

"The Queen of the Fruit" boardinghouse has accommodation of 6 double rooms with large bathrooms and the furniture which will for sure get your fantasy carried away. At the edge of Panonian depression, only 30 km from the Hungarian border and 170 km from Belgrade there is boarding house "The Queen of fruit" - surrounded by large number of fruit trees and vineyards.

Unusual architectural solution of the object perfectly suits existing environment creating a warm atmosphere of a Vojvodina yard. The vineyard is on the hill providing you with idyllic view of the fields, pastures, horses, storks...

If you are nature lover and hunt and fishing is a challenge for you, you are at the right place. Together with fruit brandies and excellent wines from well-known vineyards we are sure you will enjoy the rich, imaginative and ample Backa cuisine prepared in the old way in your presence with fire crackling. All the groceries are fresh, not sprayed, and with the smell of nature.

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