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Camp sites in Serbia

Camping in Serbia

There are many nice camping sites in Serbia where campers are always welcome. Here we prepared just the list of official - registered ... Full story

Camping site "Zasavica" ***

Camping site “Zasavica” is located in the heart of untouched, preserved nature, 12 km south of Belgrade - Zagreb, E-70 highway, 80 km ... Full story

Camping site "De Tour"- Subotica

Address: Dubrovacka 124 413 PalicOpen: all year roundCategory: not categorizedCamp area: 0,8 haThe De Tour camping site is situated in the vicinity of high way E-75, ... Full story

Camping area ''Tiski Cvet" - Kanjiza

  Address:   Glavni trg 924 420 KanjižaLON: 46° 4'4.56"NLAT: 20° 4'1.62"E Open: during whole yearCategory: not categorized Camp area: 1 haThe “Tiski cvet “ camp is located ... Full story

Camping site 'Budzak' - Apatin

Address: ApatinOpened: 25. 4. – 30. 9.Category: not categorizedCamp area: The campsite is situated 6 km from Apatin and 10 km from Sombor, close to ... Full story

Camping site 'Pipacs' - Feketic

Address: Marsala Tita 6224 323 FeketicOpen: 1.5. - 1.10.Category: not categorized Camp area: 0,5 haThe Pipacs camping site is 800 m away from the E-75 highway, ... Full story

Camping site ''Srbija'' (previously "Bela Crkva") - Bela Crkva

Address: Vracevgajsko jezero, 26 340 Bela Crkva LON: 44°53'20.34"NLAT: 21°23'11.96"EOpen: 1.5. - 1.9.Category: *Camp area: 3,5 haThe "Serbia" camping site is located on the ... Full story

Camping site ''Belocrkvanska jezera'' - Bela Crkva

Address:Glavno jezero 26 340 Bela CrkvaLON: 44°53'35.88"NLAT: 21°24'17.99"EOpen: 1.5. - 15.9. Category: *Camp area: 4.5 haThe Camping site ''Belocrkvanska jezera'' is situated on the City lake ... Full story

Camping site ''Toma" - Golubac

Address: Selo Brnjica Open: 1.5. – 01.09.Category: not categorized Camp area: 1 haThe "Toma" camping site is 19 km eastwards away from Golubac and 6 km ... Full story

Campsite ''Jabukov cvet'' - Banatski Brestovac

  Address: KKK Banatski Brestovac   26234 Banatski BrestovacOpen: all year roundCategory: not categorized Camp area: 7,5 haThe Jabukov cvet (apple flower) camp is situated on the Danube ... Full story

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