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Camping site 'Ovcar banja' - Ovcar banja

Camping site 'Ovcar banja' Camping site 'Ovcar banja'

Address: 32 242 Ovcar banja
Open: 1.5. - 30.9.
Category: *
Camp area: 2.5 ha

The Ovcar banja camping site is located 160 km southern of Belgrade, 200 m away from the road between Cacak and Požega. It is placed in the protected nature reserve Ovcar-Kablar gorge surrounded with 10 monasteries. In the vicinity of the camp is the monastery Blagoveštenje.

Next to the camp is an open swimming pool with mineral water. The surrounding area is very interesting for fans of mountaineering. The river of Zapadna Morava and accumulated lake Medjuvršje are very suitable for fishing and water sports. There is an appropriate accommodation both for sidecars and tents, and there are 13 bungalows for 36 people.

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