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Top destinations in Serbia

Devil's Town - The vicious miracle of nature

  Stone figures that are almost surreal, rise from the ground and look like guards in this area, will take your breath away as they really ... Full story

Rajačke pimnice - Stone village where the wine sleeps

Many wine cellars of brick, stone and wood keep the secret of wine making and a few centuries back in the village where nobody but ... Full story

Patriarchate of Pec

One of the most important monuments of the Serbian past, under whose arches are seven and a half centuries kept on a Throne, on which continues successors of St. Sava, the first archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian archbishopric. ... Full story

Monastery Studenica

'' The mother of all Serbian monasteries'' is the name of the most important, largest and wealthiest medieval monastery. ... Full story

Zica Monastery - "The Serbian story"

Zica is immensely important for Serbian Orthodox people. It represents a symbol of the establishment of the Serbian state, the seat of the first Serbian ... Full story

Gracanica Monastery

Gracanica Monastery is one of the most important monuments of Serbian medieval architecture, which is on UNESCO's list of world cultural heritage. Built in Kosovo ... Full story

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge

The place where the Morava river meandering flows between the mountains Ovcar and Kablar, and on whose slopes settled Serbian Holy Mountain. Here are ten ... Full story

Topola - Oplenac

  Topola is a place where the founder of the prominent Serbian dynasty, Prince Karađorđe Petrović, led the 1804th The First Serbian Uprising against the Turks. ... Full story

Mileseva monastery

Mileseva monastery is one of the most important center of spiritual life of the Serbs, as it contains the relics of Saint Sava. ... Full story

Monastery Sopocani

  Sopoćani - pearl of medieval construction, one of the most beautiful monasteries of Serbia, founded by Serbian king Uros I Nemanjic in the 13th century. ... Full story

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