Niš Niš

Niš is the third largest city in Serbia and it is one of the oldest cities in Europe as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites in the vicinity.

Since ancient times it was located at the intersection of roads that connect Europe to the Middle East and in some ways it represents the "gateway of the East and West." At the birthplace of the Emperor Constantine you can find traces of the Roman period and while walking through its streets you can also feel the spirit of the Orient.

But the city is not only a historical center; it is also a center on the Balkan music. Do not miss the opportunity to listen and learn about Saban Bajramovic, king of the world Gypsy music. Niš is modern and bustling city that slowly follows the modern world trends. It is a city in the development of numerous modern buildings, but do not be surprised if you erwon into a Gypsy neighborhood and get a completely different impression. It is this diversity that makes this city interesting. It is a place where you can enjoy good food and drink, meet interesting and friendly people, and enjoy the cafe nightlife until early morning hours.

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