National Park Tara

National Park Tara National Park Tara


For those who enjoy the pristine beauty of nature mountain Tara is one of the places that they just must visit. National park "Tara" covers most of the mountain Tara, which is located in the far west of Serbia, in the bend of the river Drina. Here you will find Pančićeva spruce, endemic to the Balkans who survived the great ice age.  At Tara is the largest population of brown bears in Europe.

Magnificent canyon of the Drina river, with the depth of 700 - 1000 meters, is among the largest canyons in the world and provides excellent conditions for rafting. On Tara, there is a shortest river that flows only 365m and is therefore called the Year. Some of the attractions are also Perućačko Lake, Zaovine, carpet meadows and Raca monastery from the 13th century.


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