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New "Belgrade City Card" revealed by London Olympics Gold Medalist

If you are planing your next trip to Belgrade - the city that never sleeps, than “Belgrade City Card“ is the next big thing! Retailing for mere 1.000 rsd (approx. €10), “Belgrade City Card“ will provide you with generous range of benefits including discounts of up to 50% for visiting tourist attractions, as well as exclusive offers on sightseeing trips, bars and restaurants. ... Full story

All Kusturica’s cities!

Our famous director began with „life project“, when he was recording the movie „Life is a Miracle“, and then he made the hole city – Drvengrad. He continued with the revival of Višegrad by building the Kamengrad (The City of Stone). In the future, there is a big possibility for another city by Kusturica – Kraljevgrad (The City by King). ... Full story

Vojvodina - Unique in Europe

Many different nations, languages, religions and cultural models of Vojvodina make it as it as it is -unique in Europe. Like nowhere else in Europe, in such a small region live even 25 different nationalities, with 6 languages in official use. ... Full story

The celebration of 1700 years of Christianity freedom

In the year of 2013. in Serbia, with appropriate events, performances and exhibition, we are celebrating the proclaiming of Edict of Milan – document that has a significiant value for Christianity. With this document the persecution of Christians has stoped, they become able to profess their religion and religious equality was given. ... Full story

Danube through Serbia

Danube is the border between civilizations, connecting West and East Europe, Atlantic and Mediterranean. With flow 2783 km long, it represents second largest river in Europe. The Danube is navigable throughout its entire length through Serbia. Travel along the Danube by walk, bike, ... find your adventure on Danube in Serbia. ... Full story

Fortresses near Danube

In Serbia, there are the remains of nearly forty fortified medieval cities and fortresses. They were built at strategically important geographical points alongside rivers, key roads or on the defence border lines. ... Full story

Edict of Milan Anniversary Celebrations in the city of Niš

The Edict of Milan established religious equality and freedom of expression for Christian confession exactly 1700 years ago, by which its followers were given equal rights that other religions already enjoyed. This important decree has also enabled return of property to their rightful owners and ceased work discrimination on religious grounds. The Edict of Milan is therefore widely celebrated in Serbia from the 17th January to 6th October 2013. ... Full story

2013 – The year of Culture in Serbia

Year 2013th, Serbia starting with new tourism advantages: celebration of 17 centuries of Edict of Milan, cultural routs, a lot of good entertainment and delicious food. Serbia has rich and authentic cultural heritage. Natural treasures, architectonic diversity, monuments keeping secrets of the past, are all the part of tourism attractiveness of our country. ... Full story

Serbia tourism - Serbia tourist guide

Welcome to Serbia! These pages will unveil the most attractive destinations in Serbia and help you choose a perfect holiday, depending on your affinity and ... Full story

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