The Ortodox Monasteries

Monastery of Mileseva Monastery of Mileseva

There are many monasteries in Serbia. This foundation of monasteries followed the forming of the first Serbian states starting in the 10th century. The first monasteries were built in the Raska region, in the Southwestern Serbia, then Kosovo and finally in Central Serbia. Fleeing the Turkish tyranny, the majority of Serbs migrated to the North.

Shortly thereafter, the first monasteries on the Fruska Gora Mountain were established. All the Serbian rulers were very religious and instead of building palaces, they established monasteries as their endowments and mausoleums.

Monasteries used to be the place where important decisions were made. The first books were copied here and thus literacy was spread and the culture of the Serbian people was formed.

The monasteries' walls were illuminated by frescoes reflecting the artistic styles of the time. Some of this frescoes are extremely valuable art treasures like the Fresco of the White Angel (Beli andjeo) from the 13th century in the Monastery of Mileseva now under the protection of UNESCO.

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