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Culture sites of Serbia

Top 10 Archeological Sites in Serbia

Standing at the crossroads of Europe and Asia as well as the Mediterranean and Central Europe, Serbia boasts a rich archeological heritage. As a territory on which no less than 16 Roman emperors were born there are plenty of ancient Roman sights around. Next in prominence are the Mesolithic and Neolithic sites with important finds from Europe’s first civilizations. Medieval sights are, unfortunately, not that numerous or attractive so none of them made it on our list, but you will have a chance to see a lot from that time period in Serbian museums, of which Museum of Vojvodina standing at the fifth place of our list is a great representative. ... Full story

Culture in Serbia

It all began six thousand years B.C. In Lepenski Vir, on the Danube, where our distant ancestors decided to settle down. At this world famous archaeological site, the first representations of life-size human beings were discovered. Ever since then, many different nations, cultures and religions passed through this area. ... Full story

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