Fortresses near Danube

In Serbia, there are the remains of nearly forty fortified medieval cities and fortresses. They were built at strategically important geographical points alongside rivers, key roads or on the defence border lines. ... Full story

Belgrade fortress

Belgrade fortress acts as the centre of what today s Belgrade now stands upon. The fact that Belgrade is a city for which the largest number of battles ever-115 such battles were fought-testifies to the significance of the place where it was built. ... Full story

Petrovaradin fortress

The Petrovaradin Fortress, also known as "Gibralter on the Danube“ is located on a rocky hill opposite todays Novi Sad city centre. Because of its dominant geographical position, many people, namely the Celts, the Romans, the Avars, the Byzantines, the Hungarians, the Turks, and, ultimately, the Austrians, who built the fortress we know today in XVIII century, badly wanted ton conquer it for centuries. ... Full story

Niš fortress

Niš fortress, situated in the center of the city on the Nišava River bank, represents one of the best-preserved and one of the most beautiful Turkish military forts in the Middle Balkans. It was built in XVII century, on the site where earlier a Roman, then a Byzantine and finally a Serbian medieval city had stood once. ... Full story

Smederevo fortress

At the confluence of the river Jezava with the river Danube, one of the most beautiful fortresses in Europe-Smederevo-lise. The fortress was erected by Despot Đurđe Branković as a new residence of the state fighting to survive after being confronted with strong Turkish penetrations in XV century. ... Full story

Kale - the town inside Pirot town

Inside the town centre of contemporary Pirot, lies Kale Fortress, known amongst many people as Momčilo’s-Town. According to the tradition, the town was built by the famous Rhodope aristocrat Momčilo, but most probably, the fortress was built by Prince Lazar in XV century, on the site of an older Roman fort, as a strategic point in defending the town from the Turkish invasion. This region was on the main trade and military route through which the Istanbul road passed. ... Full story


On the top of the steep cliffs in Ibar Gorge, on the way from Kraljevo to Ušće, there is a medieval town-Maglič. Many legends are associated with Maglič; however, it is not known for sure when the town was built, nor is it known who its first master was. The town is supposed to have been built in XIV century, Archbishop Danilo II erected new palaces and cells in the town. ... Full story


Golubac is a medieval fortress errected on a sharp ridge above the Danuve River, at the entrance to the Đerdap Gorge, 4 kilometers downstream from the town of the same name. Because of tis important strategic position, this place was fortified early on in history, and in the times to follow the governors of the town that changed several times. ... Full story


The fortress in Bač is the most significant and the best-preserved medieval fortress in Vojvodina. It was erected around the mid-XIV century ond a small island of the Mostonga River, which has singce run dry today. ... Full story

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