Niš fortress

Niš fortress Niš fortress

Niš fortress, situated in the center of the city on the Nišava River bank, represents one of the best-preserved and one of the most beautiful Turkish military forts in the Middle Balkans. It was built in XVII century, on the site where earlier a Roman, then a Byzantine and finally a Serbian medieval city had stood once.

The fortress of a heptagonal five-bastion shaped basis is belted by massive defensive walls. Once, the fortress was surrounded by a trench filed-up with water (moat), whose northern part is kept today, too. The main entrance is through the Belgrade, Vidin and Water Gates. The hamam is the oldest preserved building dating from the Turkish times - a Turkish bathhouse from XV century. Inside the fortress, there was Pasha’s court and the Garrison Headquarters, a library, a settlement with barracks, shops, powder-works and other military buildings.

Within the complex of the fortress today, there are numerous cultural and tourist contents. The Arsenal and Bali-Bey’s Mosque have been transformed into exhibition galleries, whereas the summer stage represents an important cultural centre of the city including the internationally acclaimed Nišville Jazz festival.

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